Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Smoked Beef with Fermented Soya Beans!

This is Smoked Beef Stewed in fermented Soya Beans. A Naga (People of Nagaland) Delicacy, this authentic Naga recipe is right from the Kitchen of a Naga friend who is also an excellent bachelor Cook. Fermented Soya beans or Akhuni in nagaland, Hawaizaar in Manipur and Turumbai in Meghalaya is a part of the North eastern cuisine. Very pungent, you need to acquire the taste before you can actually enjoy this dish, but once you have gotten used to it, there will be no stopping you huh!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Curry Mela at Bachelor Cooking -32nd Week

Good day Dear Bachelor Cooking readers. I hope you all are doing great. As I am. :-)
After a long wait, we have today the 32nd curry mela again!! yes, can you believe it? It is the 32nd curry mela already... been a long long journey, and I thank you all for liking it.. and it kept pushing me to host curry mela after curry mela...
And now with the curry mela blog, where I will transfer the post each week after the curry mela, you can enjoy all the curry melas that was held for the past few months well,, has it been 6 months... Phew!! Time does fly huh!!!

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this time around too, like you always have...
Cheers and enjoy the Curry mela at bachelor Cooking!!


Chicken Satay

Enjoy this Chicken Satay With Peanut sauce ...... Surprisingly I don't remember having tried any chicken dish with peanut sauce. Should be fun.. Oh yeah.. Peanutty flavor and the slightly burnt chicken..... And she blogs so well, with amazing pictures of her work in progress.... Be sure to check out instructions of making Chole Bhature.



Don't I always say that when it rains recipes, it rains in similar bunches... After that succulent Satay, try this Spicy Chicken Kebabs... Always love a good kebab!! And God Awesome Pictures don't you think?


black rice kheer
From the same blogger, check out this black rice payasam. Now, she mentions asian store to get this rice. And considering that we eat a lot of stuff similar to asians (non-desi Asians), I don't know if this is the same black rice called chahao in manipur. The black rice we get in Manipur, which is very rare even there, has a very fragrant flavor and many people who have been to manipur, always ask me for the same. We also prepare this kheer with that black rice and is quite a delicacy...

mango Curry

How would you all like something sweet and tangy... Yeah, that is right sweet and tangy.. Add to it a little spice.. and you get this amazing sweet and tangy mango Curry, from a new blogger in the food Blogosphere... let me Introduce Meena from cooking pleasures. many of you might have come across her blog, and for those who haven't check her out!


chickpeas and banana

This Chick Peas and banana flower(Kodappan Kadala Koottan in Malayalam) sounds very healthy.. All the natural protiens of chick peas and the carbs in Bananas..


Chettinad Chicken

Am I the only one or are you also drooling over the picture of this Chicken Chettinad? And I swear, my mouth is watering like crazy. The colour is just so right for a Chicken Curry. I was thinking of cutting down on my Non-veg intake but this is just killing... I don't know if I can get this consistency, but yummmm I sure am gonna try this out...

This indeed is my week for the week!! And, You indeed are a spice lover!!

paneer Tikka
When you do say Tikka masala, it should really Tikka, or tikha.. Check out the reddest and hottest Paneer Tikka Masala ever.. Will set your Eyes and tongue on fire, and yet you will crave for more!!!


Lentil Spinach Salad

For all the Health Conscious, Dieting, fat-free food lovers, here is a great salad for you, lentils and Spinach Salad.. By the way, all the oil in my recipes not withstanding, I am also quite a health food lover.. Who else would eat steamed Okras eh!


Another Lovely Sino-indian food, Gobi 65, is Gobi manchurian's Cousin.. How come I haven't seen Gobi Chili??
But this Gobi 65 looks really awesome... I am sure it must taste like chicken... ;)


beef Curry

I was thinking that i should just post the picture and leave it at that.. Awesome dish.. Perfect colour... and the potatoes..don't I love potatoes?? I know that very few readers of the blog eat Beef, but for those who do, this is a not to miss Beef Curry Recipe... Spicy Beef and Potato Curry.. And I just remembered that I have saved a Beef Kasa Recipe in my draft...The ones we used to get at the Nizam's in Kolkata!!


Lime Ginger rasam, a kind of rasam, which is a watery curry that is very common in South India, like the daal in the north India. In manipur, we have the Kangsoi, a similarly watery stew, but instead of tempering with kadi patta and mustard seed, we flavor it with smoked fish and dried fish, and is a staple. Rasam is the closest that a south indian cuisine to get to the kangsoi. I never realised this until a friend recently told me that he just had the south Indian Kangsoi. I was stunned for a while until he told me he had rasam, and I burst out laughing..South Indian Kangsoi Indeed!!!


tawa paneer

Some people takes pictures so well, and some people cook so well. few people cook well and takes pictures so well. just looking at the pictures of this Paneer Tawa Masala, one could presume that she is one hell of a Gunslinging Cowboy with the camera, and the cooking pans just dances to her tunes... And so aptly names the post as musical cooking, but of course!!!

Meat Loaf

What about some non-desi cooking for a change.. How about meat
loaf? How about this awesome Chicken loaf.......via


Bread halwa
I have had many kinds of halwa, and thnaks to blogging, I came across this new halwa that I never ever imagined existed... yes, Bread Halwa.. You might have heard about it, But I had't.. seriously... funny me...

----- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

veg fried rice and veg hot and sour

Try some good chinese food today.. From another newbie food blogger, some godawesome looking veg fried rice and veg hot and sour. Do check out this beautiful new blog...

----- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Poha Kheer

And when I thought I saw a new kind of Kheer or payasam today when I commented on the bread kheer, surprise surprise, and remember the raining recipes... I came across another NEW kheer variety... Beaten Rice or aval Kheer/Payasam .. Yes Poha ki Kheer... But of course, poha is rice so it would make tasty kheer, but how would I have imagined... Thanks for sharing

----- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Chili garlic Pasta

And why not some Aglio Olio.. hey but that is but the local name for Chilli garlic pasta.. Yummy looking Pasta... Hot and spicy!!

----- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jam Muffins

Now what comes to your mind when you see this jam in the hole Muffins?

Hah! Surprises inside!!!

----- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

And this is the beginning of the end. I hope you enjoyed it thoroughly... BTW, What do you all think about my moving to my own domain? BachelorCooking.net huh!! What say you all?

CurryMela Countdown at Bachelor Cooking!!

Anybody wants to make a last minute entry... Send in..
The Count down to the curry has begun, the post is already in the draft.. waiting for last minute entries....

Hurry up...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Curry Chicken Sali Recipe

parsi Chicken sali recipe
Yeah I am posting the Recipe of the Chicken Sali After a Long time.
Sorry people, I was quite stuck up at work and such like, with shifting and all that.

And yes what you are seeing is crisp fried potatoes.
In the authentic Sali, the pototoes are even smaller. Match Stick thin.
I was too lazy to slice potatoes that thin.

I cooked the chicken, in the usual way we cook Chicken Curry, and then spread the potatoes afterwards. It was very tasty indeed.

One Kilo Chicken, marinade in 1 tsp Jeera powder, 1 tsp Dhania Powder, 1 Tsp Red Chilli and salt to taste. Marinade for 2 hours.

Two large Potatoes, cut into match stick thin slivers.
Fry till golden in a non-stick pan and keep aside.

Heat oil in a Pan or Wok and Fry One large Onion, and fry till golden brown.
Add 3 green chillis sliced in halves.
Add One and half table spoon of freshly ground ginger-garlic paste, and saute for 1 minute.
Add 2-3 Tomatoes, chopped well.
Add the chicken, mix well keep stirring for a few minutes.
Then cover the lid of the pan, and keep that way for 15 minutes in low heat.

Open the lid, you will see that lots of liquid have come out.
Increase heat and cook till gravy thickens.
Now add 1.5 cup of hot water and let shimmer.
Add 1 tsp chicken Masala and 1 tsp black pepper.
Take down after 2-3 minutes.

Spread the potatoes on top... ( Can I call it as garnishing?)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Chicken Sali-Parsi Chicken Curry Recipe!

Phew!! A very tiresome weekend. Loose ends at work, and some catch with friends and by the time the weekend was over, i realised I couldn't do the Curry Mela Round up.
Do wait till Next month. Also, I will be hosting it on this blog only, and only shift the curry mela posts into the new blog after each week. The Curry Mela Blog will be a repository of all previous Curry Mela. Inspired by Kalyn :-).

This is the picture of Chicken Sali. A Parsi delicacy which they prepare and relish especially during the Navroz. This is like a Normal Chicken Curry, with just a little Parsian Twist.. Will Post the recipe soon. Do Wait!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Spanish Omelette- Bachelor Cooking Style!

Scrambled Spanish Omellete.
My favorite Breakfast. One I have blogged more than once.
An easy to prepare recipe.
Quick and healthy, full of protiens and some carbs to get you going all day.
The tomatilla gives the right Beta-Carotene (am I right here?)
This is the scrambled version of the Spanish Omelette I blogged a long time back.
Two potatoes, cut into small strips as in the picture below. about 2 matchstick thin.
One onion Finely chopped.
One tomato Chopped fine.
Salt to taste.
Two eggs, don't even whip em. Remember, Bachelor Cooking!
Heat 2 TBS veg or Olive oil or Butter in a pan.
Add the potatoes, and spread them.
Saute it, when potatoes are almost cooked, say in 5 minutes, add the onions.
Add salt to taste and saute well for 2-3minutes.
Add the tomatoes and saute again for 2-3 minutes.
Break the over the ensemble and mix well for again 2-3 minutes or eggs have hardened.
Pepper may be sprinkled for more taste.
It is ready for breakfast with a steaming cup of coffee. You may skip lunch.
Green Peas and French Beans could have been added while you were adding the potatoes.

Some of my friends wanted some WIP picture.. Here is one.. Like I said the lighting just isn't right

Friday, September 15, 2006

Curry Mela at Bachelor Cooking Reminder

Curry Mela will be on to this week. Where are your recipes?
Rush in fast!!!
Curry Mela will be hosted on a Blog Specially Up for Food Events.
Update your links...
In the curry Mela Post Add this Code:

Do provide a link as Curry Mela by Bachelor Cooking or copy and paste the code below to link with the Curry Mela thumbnail,

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Chicken Chili Recipe!

Home cooked Chili Chicken Recipe.
Post will be updated in a few hours :-)
This is the Dark Chicken Chili. I love the White Chicken chili too, which is the same dish minus the dark Soy Sauce :-)

Chilli Chicken or Chicken Chilli is most Indian's most recognized chinese dish, I presume. The more adventurous one would order a chicken manchurian perhaps. I am talking about the general hoi polloi here. A sweet corn soup, perhaps. Every restaurant today serves Chili Chicken. From the road side fast foot chinese and muglai resturante[sic] to even the usual Pardesi Bar and Restaurant.

I wouldn't order chili chicken at the China Garden or Mainland China, but if I am at just another restaurant serving chinese, and I wanted chinese, I wouldn't experiment. I would just go for the chili chicken. Safe, simple to prepare, and it would take a hundred fools to let it go wrong. He shouldn't run the resturante in the first place itself.

Chili Chicken is quite simple to Prepare.
As the name suggest, it is chicken cooked with Lots of Chili.
Green Chilli, and Kashmiri chili or Capsicum.

You can either use boneless chicken balls, or just de-bone the chicken, I mean get deboned- Chicken.


700 grams of deboned-chicken
20 cloves of garlic, finely chopped (not crushed)
1 inch finger of ginger chopped
5-6 green chilis sliced. (if it is not the very HOT variety, out about 10, after all this is chili Chicken)
3 capsicums, cut into slices or slivers.
Spring onions, a handfull or 200 grams, chopped.
Onions and tomaotoes are optional, but to get a more Indian taste, you may add a roughly chopped Onion and two tomatoes.
A pinch of aji-no moto.
2-3 TBS of Soya Sauce.


Heat 2 TBS oil in a pan or wok.
Add the chicken, yes the chicken first.
Saute well till chicken become slightly gold.
(Should take 10 minutes, of continous sauteing with the spatula.)
Add the pinch of aji-no-moto.
Add the Chilli, capsicum, ginger garlic and saute for 5 more minutes.
**If you want to add Onions and Tomato add now.
Add spring onions, and mix well.
Add the soya sauce.
Add salt to taste ( lesser than your usual since soya sauce is also salty).
And keep mixing/turning with the spatula. Do that for 15 more minutes.

The Chili Chicken is now ready for the plates.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Five things to eat before you die!

I have been tagged.... After a long time, and quite some time back too.
Hmm....been a lil busy, so Couldn't answer..

This is the Five Things to eat Before You Die Meme, started at the Traveler's Lunch Box.
Cyndi first tagged me about a week back. I thought I will post, and then somehow couldn't..
And today morning, I saw me tagged again by Rosie..

I shall post a reply today evening.... Bear with me till then..
The lists should be of "things you've eaten and think that everyone should eat at least once before they die." as suggested by Traveller's Lunchbox.
I have had Lot's of such. My lists will be more from the North East India Cuisine. I will keep updating this list as and when I eat next time around with a Photograph in hand :-).. for now, I don't have the picture of these authentic recipes. Mostly Non-vegetarian...
The List:
1. Turumbai:
Turumbai is a Traditional Cuisine of the Tribes of Meghalaya in the North east India. I am not sure which Tribes of Meghalaya claims ownership to this awesome dish, but I will give credit to all the Tribes of Meghalaya. Turumbai is Prepared with Fermented Soya and Pork. I am sure fermented soya beans are a delicacy in most Sout-east Asian countries. Fermented Soya is called Akhuni in Nagaland, and Hawaizaar in Manipur. More on Fermented Soya.
This dish is prepared by boiling pork with herbs, like Chives and Dill and a handfull of rice with fermented Soya. Very smelly, and you need to acquire the taste to like it, but once acquired, you will be addicted.

2. Chagem Pomba:
This is the Manipuri version of the above. Of course, this is very different, right from the way the soya beans are fermented. And it is Vegetarian, if you consider fish to be vegetarian food as we do :-).
This is cooked with Hawaizaar and aromatic Manipuri rice, green peas, smoked anchovies, shrimps, stink beans(Parkia), Lai/Sarsong leaves (Mustard Leaves) and flavored with Dill.

3. Pork and Bamboo Shoot:
This is a Naga Delicacy. Fresh Bamboo Shoot cooked with Pork and hot Chilli. You can carry on and on, on how it is prepared..It can be cooked in different ways. You may Cook it in a very simple way. Very easy, very yummy. Wash and Heat pork in a deep bottom pan, till water dires and oil start comming out. Add crushed ginger and garlic, and red chilli flakes. Saute in own oil for 10-15 minutes. Add a handfull of bamboo shoot, and saute for 5 more minutes. Add salt to taste.. Add water, and bring to a boil, till gravy thickens.
You could have added some spring onions as well in the end.

4. Venison Meat:
Venison Meat just crumbles like a cookie, albiet soft, in your mouth.. Hunting deer is illegal, and I won't suggest or encourage it, but if you happen to come across any venision meat being sold, try it. You won't regret it. Complain to the ranger later. But not before you get your stock for a month. Best meat one could ever have. I had it when one of our Truck Drivers who ply the Hill Route, came back with a Full Leg from one of the Hill Villages.

5. Ootti:
This is a Vegetarian, Manipuri Delicacy. Dried White Peas cooked with baking powder. I had blogged about it, and the post is here. Do try it once, or again and again. It is quite easy, and You can cook it at your home, today. All you need is a handfull of peas(even frozen green ones would do, tastes different then the dried ones, but taste amazing, nonetheless)


I wish to tag the following fellow foodies:

Lu2cook at Cooking Medley.
Mandira at Ahaar.
Meeta. From Germany!
Paz. From the cooking adventures!!
Melissa from Panama.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Curry Mela 31st Recipes Galore!

The time for the Curry mela Round up again! I bring you The 31st Curry Mela, well after a long wait... I wish I was Blogging Full time :-). I Thank all of you who have been eagerly waiting for the Curry Mela, and it is because of you that I bring myself to post this week's Curry Mela tooo. Without Further ado, enjoy the Curry Recipes spread from all over the world on the 31st Curry Mela!

PS: I am planning to host the Curry Mela on a Separate Blog, called the Curry Mela Blog. What do you say? Though this blog is about bachelor cooking, since the curry mela is quite a frequent affair, there seem to be more curry mela than Bachelor Recipes :). And as I keep procrastinating, perhaps I will move to wordpress, if I get a nice volunteer.. with some nice banner and all that!

Aloo Gobi Aloo Gobi, A warm comfort food, goes well with Chapatti or just daal rice. This is what we call home food, and when the bachelor pad is what we call Home, this is what we called Bachelor food.

One tip for bachelors: Cook in a kadhai, and cook in very heat and keep it covered. If you add a little more garam Masala and 2 cups of hot water when the cauliflowers are almost done, you get Gobi or cauliflower Curry!


chow chow daal

Check out this Chow Chow Daal or Chayote Squash Daal, Now who said daal was all about daal. Daal can also be as versatile as Potatoes. There are Daal Curry recipes with Fish, Fish head, Chicken, Palak (spinach), and I even love Toor Daal with Beet, try it!!!!


Crab Masala
Crab masala and Shami kabab, this is what I call a real spread. Some good sea food and minch Meat. Rich and satisfying!!
I am so Hungry Now!!

Shami kabab


Black Eyed Peas Curry Recipe
This is Black Eyed Peas Curry recipe by spice lover, a new blogger on the block, and I thought Black Eyed Peas were some Kid Rock band.. Who would have thought that Black eyed peas will be a part of the Curry Mela Spread today!! interesting! Do check her out!!


Stuffed Brinjal

Getting more and more interesting.. Check out this Stuffed Brinjal Curry. Looks amazingly yummy, and I actually thought, all that brinjal was good for was baingan Bharta. This Stuffed Brinjal Curry will give the baingan Bharta serious Competition!!! Watch out Bharta PaaJee, Here comes serious competition from the South!


The title says Chana Bamboo Shoot palya with Coorgi Akki Roti!Wait! Do you really eat Bamboo Shoot. I didn't know that Bamboo Shoot was also eaten elsewhere. i thought it was unique to the Orientals and in India, the north eastermn India. It is so nice to see some bamboo shoot recipe. Yeah bamboo Shoot is a Delicacy in manipur. We get so many varieties of bamboo and so many recipes. Oh I miss it, it is been ages since I had good bamboo shoot. In Meghalaya, they make pickles with bamboo shoot. In Nagaland, they cook it with Pork, and taste awesome.
And it give a very distinct flavor when cooked with fish, specially Magur (not the hybrid one, but local Magur.. In Manipur we call it Soibum-Ngakra Recipe and no other dish can beat it. The ultimate Manipuri Food, the Foie Gras of Manipur, the Shahi Korma of Manipur)... Sorry I got carried away, *smiles*..


panna cotta

Meeta prepared this Panna Cotta as a lesson,hmmm, for her cooking school series. Sinfully Delicious is what comes to mind when I saw the picture. Rush to learn from the cooking school, how to prepare this!!!!


Ulundhu Urundai Morkozhambu

This Ulundhu urundai Morkozhambu looks like it will leap out of the screen, no. One very healthy south Indian Food...
And explained in such easy way, just about anybody would be able to prepare it.


Did she know that I love green mattar, after a long time I get too some good Mattar Recipe, check out this Kohlrabi and Mattar Sabzi recipe. Another Healthy recipe, to be bookmarked!

Now that picture is just a Work In progress... ;-)


A wheat rava Khichdi or Dahlia-Upma, and amazing Breakfast recipe. Filling and tasty..and of course this is exactly what I see in the cafeteria breakfast menu. I always wondered how it must be prepared, Now I know ;-) how to!!


Bitter doesn't mean tasteless Bitter when it comes to Bitter gourd. Now sweet is not always tasty, and Bitter is not always tasteless.. Once the taste of bitter vegetables grows on you it is kind of addictive, and so is the case ithw Bitter gourd. I am always on the prowl for better Bitter gourd recipes, and it was such a pleasure to read through this post on Bitter Gourd Spicy Curry or Pagarkai Kaarakozhambu Kaakarkai Kaaram Pulusu.


I love new chicken curry Recipes, check out this Nadan Kozhi Curry or Chicken Curry with Coconut. The description says, This is a very rustic (nadan) chicken curry, with no frills, no lengthy preparation and no elaborate ingredients., But isn't that what we love here at the Bachelor Cooking, No frills easy recipes!!!


A quiz!
How would you have cooked this Aloo, Tomato and Brinjal curry?


My sweet tooth couldn't resist this payasam or rice milk Pudding. Yes, I still love kheer and can live just on kheer!!!


And hey, Spice Hut is back after a long hiatus with this Red pepper and jalapeno bhaji.

New Blogger of the week, Box of Spices.

For the next curry Mela, visit the new Curry Mela blog. Start sending in your entries!!!

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Real Easy Smoked Bacon Stew/Curry

Hmm.. Smoked Bacons for Breakfast, great!

Smoked Bacon for Dinner!
What are you talking?

How about a real easy and simple Smoked Bacon Curry. Well Stew would be a better word.

And Real Healthy too.
Almost a health food.

How does it taste?
You have to try it to believe it, You will get hooked I tell you.

Hmm in a Deep bottom Pan, heat 1 tbs vegetable or Olive oil.
Sputter a TSP of Cumin seeds.
Add 1 tsp of Garlic paste and saute for a minute.
Add 2 Finely chopped Tomatoes.
Add one large potato cut into half Inch Cubes.
Add one Onion roughly chopped.
One cup of Peas.
One Cup of French beans. ( I didn't this time, since I ran out of it)
Add 1 tsp of finely chopped ginger.
Mix well and add 2 cups of water.
Add 1 tsp of red chilli powder and Black pepper powder.
Shimmer for 5 minutes.
Add 6-7 strips or 250 grams of Bacon.
Add 200 grams of spring onions.
Add salt to taste.
Shimmer till Potatoes are cooked.
Serve with Hot rice.

PS:For a more healthy version. Directly boil all Vegetables without frying the Cumin seed and Garlic. Don't add garlic and Cumin in this case, just boil all ingredients in the step I described with ginger and pepper as the ingredient.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Curry Chicken Recipes- Home Cooked

Just one of my similar Chicken Curry Recipes. With a little tweaking in the Chicken curry Recipes, you can cook up many varieties of Chicken Curry Recipes.Curry Chicken Recipe Gravy
This is how it should look when you have fried the onions till golden brown, added the ginger garlic paste and the thin masala paste, when masala starts to separate from Oil.

For the Recipe you may Refer to this Home cooked Indian Chicken Curry recipe that I blogged sometime Back. I cooked in almost the same way as this. With a little change. Will post you how I cook this, soon..

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fried Pork Chops in Own Fat, with Garlic!

Fried Pork Chops
Let me give you an easy and simple recipe of Fried Pork Chops today. This is very simple to make, very tasty, goes with anything from wine to beer to a chilled can of coke. This is a very healthy recipe too as no extra oil have been used to fry the pork chops and it was the pork chops were fried totally in its own fat. To make it comvinient for frying in a pan, the pork chops were re-cut into cubes. Long Chops or cubes, taste the same and, so that it becomes easier for a Bachelor or rookie cook to fry it, have the pork chops cut into cubes.

Choose pork chops with thick fat or the under skin.
Lots of oil will come out, but it can be drained or absorbed and makes for good frying.

2 Pounds or a Kilo of Good Pork Chops. ( Cut the chops into smaller pieces or cubes, Those 1 feet long fried pork chops are best grilled.) Choose Pork Chops with lots of fat.
1 TSP each of Black Pepper powder, Cumin (jeera) Powder, Coriander(Dhania) Powder and Red Chilli Powder (Coarse if possible).
About 15-16 cloves of ginger roughly crushed.
1 Medium onion roughly chopped.
2 Tomatoes, chopped.

fried pork chops

Wash the Pork Chops and Place in a Deep Bottom Non Stick Pan and start the Stove.
Just let it be.
Juice will come out. Let it. Keep stirring from time to time
After about 15 minutes, Juices will dry and oil will replace it autimatically.
Fry the pork chops in that oil till pork Chops becomes golden brown. Should take about half an hour in medium Heat.
Lots of Oil should come out.
When Pork is golden brown, hold the pan and drain excess oil, leaving enough to be able to saute.
Add onions and saute for 5 minutes.
Now add all the masalas, salt to taste, and the curshed garlic.
Add tomatoes.
Saute for 10 more minutes in low heat, or till tomatoes disappear.

You may Garnish with Coriander or Cilantro.
I didn't, in the photo, because it doesn't come out good in Picture.

Just serve!!!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Curry Mela 31st will be Hosted Next Week

Dear Friends, 31st Curry Mela will be hosted next weekend. I had a busy working weekend and have to travel, in a few hours. So keep sending in the entries, for next week will be a grand Curry Mela.

Just to keep you happy, here is another Balayya. This time, see what he Pushes with his Finger.

Ouch!! Don't throw the eggs at me.. It wasn't me....
But seriously, even the God must be laughing!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Curry Mela Reminder!!

It is already time for the Curry Mela again!!
Open the Fridge, Pick up your ladle~ Send in your entries!!

Just a word, I have some people coming over for some Brainstorming session on a new Internet venture I am contemplating, which might take up the whole weekend, in which case I will host the Curry Mela a little later than usual!! or Postpone it to next weekend, but send in your entries nonetheless..

Hurry Up!

Oh! the venture? My Blog readers will of course be the first ones to know, and You will of course review It.... Comming soon!

And BTW, my dear readers, Will you Please change your RSS Feeds to the feedburner feed that I have provided. Just click any of the feed buttons on the left hand bar to subscribe to your respective feed reader. I can see that there are 18 bloglines subscriber, who are still subscribing to the old atom feed. My Feed,