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Curry Mela at Bachelor Cooking -32nd Week

Good day Dear Bachelor Cooking readers. I hope you all are doing great. As I am. :-)
After a long wait, we have today the 32nd curry mela again!! yes, can you believe it? It is the 32nd curry mela already... been a long long journey, and I thank you all for liking it.. and it kept pushing me to host curry mela after curry mela...
And now with the curry mela blog, where I will transfer the post each week after the curry mela, you can enjoy all the curry melas that was held for the past few months well,, has it been 6 months... Phew!! Time does fly huh!!!

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this time around too, like you always have...
Cheers and enjoy the Curry mela at bachelor Cooking!!


Chicken Satay

Enjoy this Chicken Satay With Peanut sauce ...... Surprisingly I don't remember having tried any chicken dish with peanut sauce. Should be fun.. Oh yeah.. Peanutty flavor and the slightly burnt chicken..... And she blogs so well, with amazing pictures of her work in progress.... Be sure to check out instructions of making Chole Bhature.



Don't I always say that when it rains recipes, it rains in similar bunches... After that succulent Satay, try this Spicy Chicken Kebabs... Always love a good kebab!! And God Awesome Pictures don't you think?


black rice kheer
From the same blogger, check out this black rice payasam. Now, she mentions asian store to get this rice. And considering that we eat a lot of stuff similar to asians (non-desi Asians), I don't know if this is the same black rice called chahao in manipur. The black rice we get in Manipur, which is very rare even there, has a very fragrant flavor and many people who have been to manipur, always ask me for the same. We also prepare this kheer with that black rice and is quite a delicacy...

mango Curry

How would you all like something sweet and tangy... Yeah, that is right sweet and tangy.. Add to it a little spice.. and you get this amazing sweet and tangy mango Curry, from a new blogger in the food Blogosphere... let me Introduce Meena from cooking pleasures. many of you might have come across her blog, and for those who haven't check her out!


chickpeas and banana

This Chick Peas and banana flower(Kodappan Kadala Koottan in Malayalam) sounds very healthy.. All the natural protiens of chick peas and the carbs in Bananas..


Chettinad Chicken

Am I the only one or are you also drooling over the picture of this Chicken Chettinad? And I swear, my mouth is watering like crazy. The colour is just so right for a Chicken Curry. I was thinking of cutting down on my Non-veg intake but this is just killing... I don't know if I can get this consistency, but yummmm I sure am gonna try this out...

This indeed is my week for the week!! And, You indeed are a spice lover!!

paneer Tikka
When you do say Tikka masala, it should really Tikka, or tikha.. Check out the reddest and hottest Paneer Tikka Masala ever.. Will set your Eyes and tongue on fire, and yet you will crave for more!!!


Lentil Spinach Salad

For all the Health Conscious, Dieting, fat-free food lovers, here is a great salad for you, lentils and Spinach Salad.. By the way, all the oil in my recipes not withstanding, I am also quite a health food lover.. Who else would eat steamed Okras eh!


Another Lovely Sino-indian food, Gobi 65, is Gobi manchurian's Cousin.. How come I haven't seen Gobi Chili??
But this Gobi 65 looks really awesome... I am sure it must taste like chicken... ;)


beef Curry

I was thinking that i should just post the picture and leave it at that.. Awesome dish.. Perfect colour... and the potatoes..don't I love potatoes?? I know that very few readers of the blog eat Beef, but for those who do, this is a not to miss Beef Curry Recipe... Spicy Beef and Potato Curry.. And I just remembered that I have saved a Beef Kasa Recipe in my draft...The ones we used to get at the Nizam's in Kolkata!!


Lime Ginger rasam, a kind of rasam, which is a watery curry that is very common in South India, like the daal in the north India. In manipur, we have the Kangsoi, a similarly watery stew, but instead of tempering with kadi patta and mustard seed, we flavor it with smoked fish and dried fish, and is a staple. Rasam is the closest that a south indian cuisine to get to the kangsoi. I never realised this until a friend recently told me that he just had the south Indian Kangsoi. I was stunned for a while until he told me he had rasam, and I burst out laughing..South Indian Kangsoi Indeed!!!


tawa paneer

Some people takes pictures so well, and some people cook so well. few people cook well and takes pictures so well. just looking at the pictures of this Paneer Tawa Masala, one could presume that she is one hell of a Gunslinging Cowboy with the camera, and the cooking pans just dances to her tunes... And so aptly names the post as musical cooking, but of course!!!

Meat Loaf

What about some non-desi cooking for a change.. How about meat
loaf? How about this awesome Chicken loaf.......via


Bread halwa
I have had many kinds of halwa, and thnaks to blogging, I came across this new halwa that I never ever imagined existed... yes, Bread Halwa.. You might have heard about it, But I had't.. seriously... funny me...

----- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

veg fried rice and veg hot and sour

Try some good chinese food today.. From another newbie food blogger, some godawesome looking veg fried rice and veg hot and sour. Do check out this beautiful new blog...

----- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Poha Kheer

And when I thought I saw a new kind of Kheer or payasam today when I commented on the bread kheer, surprise surprise, and remember the raining recipes... I came across another NEW kheer variety... Beaten Rice or aval Kheer/Payasam .. Yes Poha ki Kheer... But of course, poha is rice so it would make tasty kheer, but how would I have imagined... Thanks for sharing

----- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Chili garlic Pasta

And why not some Aglio Olio.. hey but that is but the local name for Chilli garlic pasta.. Yummy looking Pasta... Hot and spicy!!

----- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jam Muffins

Now what comes to your mind when you see this jam in the hole Muffins?

Hah! Surprises inside!!!

----- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

And this is the beginning of the end. I hope you enjoyed it thoroughly... BTW, What do you all think about my moving to my own domain? huh!! What say you all?


Blogger Foodie's Hope said...

Hey!! Not burnt but crusted and crispy with concentrated juicy masala!!! Phew!! :))))

Thanks for endorsing chole-Bhatura and make sure you try satay with peanut sauce, south east asian combo!! :D

9/23/2006 08:48:00 PM  
Blogger Ashwini said...

Gun slinging cowboy???? I like! ...But I have had my share of 'the good, the bad and the ugly' days with both cooking and photography :-)

9/24/2006 01:57:00 AM  
Anonymous madhuli said...

Hey tony..thanks for dropping by my blog.Thak you also for that curry mela round have a great blog here.

9/24/2006 10:26:00 AM  
Blogger Spicelover said...

Thanks Tony for the kind words.
and i think its a great idea to separate currylema and your bachelor blog.
one suggestion would be to add some control on the currylema blog where recipes can be submitted directly... instead of emailing.

9/25/2006 07:40:00 PM  
Anonymous tony said...

At foodie's hope: he he he.. The word burnt was used in a good sense.. the "burnt" as in "burnt" when the part of the meat that comes in contact with the grill.. or the masala concentrate that gets the flame :-) those small burns makes up the beautiful thing that grilled meats are!!! ~ Cheers!!

Ashwini: You still are lolz...

Madhuli: Thnaks Madhuli, my pleasure...

Spicelover: hmmm.. that is an idea i have been muling over..have to scrounge the net and forums for a digglike Php script....

9/26/2006 01:34:00 AM  
Blogger Mallugirl said...

hi tony, i thot u were starting another blog.. curry mela.. what happened? and i didn't know u had a similar black rice in manipur. this is south east asian in origin so i guess it must be the same family.
try the kababs..:)

9/27/2006 08:20:00 AM  

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