Sunday, July 30, 2006

Curry mela - 28th week

Today is a little late.. Was caught in some work and all that..
We will start the curry mela right away...
Usually I post a few recipes between each curry mela, but a hectic week left me with no time for cooking for posting.. I will try to post some nice recipes next week again...

So dear frens, Welcome you all to the 28th Curry Mela. We have come a long way eh!!!
Hope you will enjoy!!



Let us start with this amazing Pizza recipe, I have never someone write so well, a recipe such as Pizza. A step by step precess of making the dough and create a Pizza that would put those Pizza Hut bakers out of their job. Excellent work. Today on, whoever have seen this post will find Pizza to be an Italian Mystery!

SundalTenga Manga Pattani Sundal is nothing but tenga (coconut), manga (mango) and pattani (dried peas) says the prudent blogger who also admits that this is nowhere near the original recipe but taste excellent. But then the picture speaks for itself. Now, I now just the right way to put this to good use :-)



This Meat Cutlet is another example of detailed recipe tutorial, better explained than any of those so called recipe websites. By the way, after the food blogging took the web by storm, are those FREE Recipe Websites still in Business. ANyway, this is an excellent meat cutlet recipe, that I really loved. I will try it very soon, very soon.


Palak Rice
Hmm, healthy food? Palak Rice is something quick to prepare, good to eat and extremely healthy. Should be a staple for all health consious diet conscious foodies.. palak can be such a wonder, eat it with Potatoes, with paneer, alone, or even with rice!!!

Uppu Maanga

Uppu Maanga or green raw mangoes in brine, best had with kanji or rice porridge, and lasts a lifetime. Good for Digestion also..

Rajam Masala

Rajma Masala, who will ever get tired of rajma masala? And with those hot puris, look very yummy. This is one good Rajma Masala Recipe.. Try it!

Allum Vankaya Onion Pachadi

Allum Vankaya Onion pachadi, The blogger recommends that this Brinjal recipe is best had with hot rice and Ghee...Yummy!


Bhindi masala

Bhendi Masala, Try out this simple goan recipe of Bhendi masala (Bhindi, as some call it). A nice Bachelor Recipe..


Clams gravy

Clams Gravy or Khubbe/Tisre/Kalva ambat in the local language, from our beloved Konkan Recipes Blogger!!!

Soya Chunks

This Soya Chunks are meat substitutes, and for all ex-non-vegetarians who sometimes miss those days of succulent meat, can indulge on this highly proteinous healthy food. Another healthy recipe...

Stuffed Pepper

Now this Stuffed Pepper, peppers stuffed with some spicy chick peas is something I came across bloghopping, from a blogger I came across recently. Reminds of that fateful day when I ate 3-4 plates of Pepper vadas or bhajas. Well, you guessed the consequence right! The consequence was some experience I will never forget, but man How I love this recipe... I can eat and eat and eat, whatever the consequence!! indulge me..

Tortino Stuffed Bread Bread

Tortino Stuffed Bread Bread

look at these Pics of Tortino Stuffed Bread, i would say let the picture do the talking. And don't get intimidated by the pictures, the recipe has been explained very easily and it is not quite difficult to prepare.. Go and try it!!

Birthday cake

Birthday cake

This carrot cake which was the blogger's first attempt was quite a Good try. Looks amazing, no? You will go a long way :-)

Blackberry Rock

Black Berry another recipe that I'd rather let the picture speak.. Utterly Berry verry Deliciously!

vegetable Stew

I just love this Vegetable Stew, which is a very healthy food again. I just love any kind of healthy food, and vegetable stew tops the list. I have tried chicken stew and man, do I love it?

Sodhi Ginger

This Sodhi is one dish that is a specialty of a sect of Tirunvelvelli community, said the blogger. Check out the accompaying Ginger relish and suchlike.



Ada, a Kerala Breakfast, looks very delicious! Did you know that this prepared in banana leaves and roasted or baked in a manchatti(earthern pot). Yummy Coconut (Poovada) fillings or Jaggery banana fillings and all that.

Frozen Apricot Yoghurt Ginger Snap

Frozen Apricot Yoghurt Ginger Snap, I'd say this is fun food.

Drumstick Fry

And ending today's curry mela with another very healthy food Drumstick Fry. I guess drumstick is a good cure for some diseases too.

Rush in your entries for the next curry Mela....

Omkara Review!

Read my review of Omkara, on the other blog.
Amazing movie, and amazing performance by Saif Ali Khan and Konkona Sen.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Curry Mela - 27th week

Welcome back to the 27th Curry Mela again.. I almost postponed today Curry mela till next weekend, when I decided not to. Anyway here were are yet again, I hope you will enjoy, as you always have. Cheers.

Sorakaya Paala Kootu

Let us start with somethign different. This is Sorakaya Paala Kootu or Bottle Gourd cooked in Milk. We have something similar which we call modhujaan or something in Manipur. Had been meaning to cook it for a long time now, even got the Kaali Til and all that for the recipe. Enjoy this till then....


Aloo Zucchini Posto

Now this one is Aloo and Zucchini Posto, now I love Posto, Aloo Posto, Zhinge Posto. These are amazing Poppy (Khus Khus or khas khas) based Bengali Recipes.

Veg Sandwich

A very tasty and healthy mid-meal bombay snackBombay vegetable Sandwich, and you thought there were only Vada Paos in Mumbai..


Sambar Arachuvita
Arachuvita Sambar, Now this blogger used to refer to this sambar as Hotel Sambar as kid :-) I can definitely understand how we wished our mom cooked like they do in the restaurants or Hotels. We realised how we miss Home cooking only now....


Chilli Chicken

Chilli Chicken, the safest recipe or dish to try when you are unsure of what to order in a new Chinese restaurant.

Balti Chicken

Balti Chicken Sounds like it came straight the menu board of a Dhaba, but then it is from a Dhaba :-)


Linzer Cookies

Delectable Linzer Cookies, literal eye candy, oops cookies.

Pepper Rasam

"Can I have some Paper rasam please?"

"Which paper, sir, We have Time of India, Hindustan Times, Eenadu, which paper do you want with the Rasam sir."

"You Stupid fellow, I want Paper, not newspaper"

This Pepper Rasam had created quite a stir..

Bitter Gourd and Mango

This Bitter Gourd and Green Chilli Curry is something I must try. I love Bitter Gourd or karelas with Potatoes but Green mango is something I must try.

Yummy Dessert, this berry dessert is.. Like the blogger said, very berry dessert, vanilla yoghurt and all that.

Wow, Egg and drumstick curry, or Kodigudu Mullakaaya Pulusu something that must go into my side bar's egg menu.

Chilli Porota

Chilli Porota or Kothu Porota, This is somehow related to what the north and west Indians call Parathas, but porotas or parotas are quite different in both its spiral Looks and good taste. This recipe is one made from shredded porotas, and she has given some other non-veg variants, which would no doubt be amazing...


Fat Free Snacks

Fat free Snacks and specially Bhel are something I love. I have been wanting to post some fat-free, low calorie and healthy recipes, since remaining Healthy easily have become a premium in the rushed lifestyle we all lead today.

Let me close today's curry mela with this Healthy recipe... Hope you enjoyed and will try some of today's spread. And of course check out this new blogger, Monica gi Chakhum, which means Monica's Kitchen. Chakhum is Kitchen in Manipuri, expect some authentic Manipuri recipes from her Blog.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Curry mela reminder

Send in your entries for curry mela 27th soon... so that I don't miss it for this weekend's round-up..
Hurry Up.....
I am waiting...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Simple Pork Curry!

Ban or whatever, we won't stop blogging would we? I can still access the Dashboard, though I can't access blogs... So, I thought I will blog... damn those bureaucrats, who don't even know what a blog is. While you figure out what a blog really is, and if it can a medium of communication for the terrorist, as if....

Anyway we will enjoy some pork...
For for vegetarian visitors, scroll down for some kabuli Chana!!!!

Anyway, Pork curry is the king of all Bachelor foods.
Tastier than any meat around, goes well with any drinks ( even fanta believe me!)
And the recipe, can it get any simpler?? I doubt if you could cook a simpler dish, umm maybe boiling eggs would be slightly simpler, and cooking maggie noodles.

Daal tadka
is more complex than Pork curry!!

It takes a long time though..

So how do I cook this simple pork curry?
Before you go on, promise yourself that you will try this out and come back to tell me how it turned out! If you do cook and eat pork...


One kilo Pork, Choose meat with some skin with the fat underneath for cooking fat.

1) In a pot or a pressure cooker put the pork, and about 3 cups of water. Start boiling the water and pork.

2) When you have put the pork for boil, chop two onions roughly, and throw in.

3) Crush 15-16 cloves or one bulb of garlic and about 2 inch finger of ginger, and also throw that into pot.

4) Now add 1 tsp coriander powder, 1 tsp cumin powder ( use freshly ground cumin powder for best results**), half tsp red chilli powder, half tsp turmeric, 1 tsp meat masala and salt to taste.

5) Keep boiling and let shimmer. Add three tomatoes, roughly chopped. Now till the water dries and gravy becomes consistent and thick as in the picture..

Garnish with Coriander. The food is ready.. Could it have been simpler. I will cook another version and post soon...

This is also my entry to Meena's FMR being hosted by Revathi here, FMR-7.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Aloo Chole/ Kabuli Chana Aloo

I like it with the potatoes. But then I love potatoes with everything, specially with meat though. But I like it with Chole/kabuli Chana as well. BTW, Chole or Kabuli Chana is a slightly larger species of Chick Peas, Chole Bhatura, (or deep fried Indian Bread with Chole Masala, similar to this curry for Non Indians) is a very common favorite.
I have come to become fond of this particular chick pea species since a very long time. I am sure I had posted similar recipes earlier, but then I suddenly wanted to eat it today, so I had prepared it today, even before I changed after work.

Since I didn't plan it in the morning, and I was back not too early, I couldn't soak it overnight. So I had to boil the Chole in a pressure cooker. It took more than 15 whistles to cook it.
I didn't know when the chole must be cooked so i had to de-pressurise and check it about thrice. After the third whistle, I also added 2 potatoes largely cubed and 3 tomatoes thoroughly washed, whole, so that I can remove the skin. When chole was soft, I removed it and leave aside. Also peel the tomatoes, well remove the skin..

I heat 3 TBS of oil, in a Wok.
Added a Tbs of Mustard seed, 2 bayleaves and two red chillis ( preferably Kashmiri).
Also added two finely chopped green chilli.
Added a medium sized onion finely chopped, and when it was golden,
I added a TBS of ginger-garlic paste.
Sauteed a minute, and added:
Half a tsp Dhania Powder
Half a tsp Jeera Powder
Half a tsp Chilli Powder
Half a tsp haldi/turmeric Powder
Half a tsp meat masala Powder

Mix quickly and pour in the boiled Chole with the potatoes and Tomatoes.
Add salt to taste.
Shimmer for 5 minutes
Garnish with Coriander (Cilantro/dhania patte)!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Curry mela - 26th week

Here we are..The 26th Curry mela at your screen. As always thanks for all the support, and I like to think that some of you even wait eagerly for the Curry Mela.. We have some amazing treats this week too... I hope you will like them... Enjoy!!!

This is Penne with Broccoli and Coconut Milk that was sent to me 2 days back. I had starred the mail, but well, I missed it in the first round-up. My sloppiness... Shame on me for missing my favorite food. Yes meeta, like all boys I can also live on pasta.... Thanks


Pooshnikkai and chana koottu (Petha/white gourd chana koottu)
, A potent mix of Pumpkin and Kabuli chana or chole.


Check out this Masala Peanuts, Blogger says it is a good snack to be had watching a Movie.. How about a beer..

We first had Chicken manchurian, then came gobi manchurian, but I never expected that we would see fish manchurian, but for this blogger who had sent this entry last week, but I had already published the curry mela, and was out on some work, when I saw later this amazing entry of a Fish Manchurian

This is the first time she tried Green tomatoes or tomatillas, and man it looks awesome.. Green tomatoes can be had in a lot of ways, and even cooking it the way we cook any curry with potatoes can also be a very delicious and tangy dish.. will cook you sometime, but for today, try out this amazing Stuffed Green Tomatoes...

Simple spring onion curry she says, but lemme tell you, it means simple to cook.. the taste will be anything but simple..

Spiced Butter milk, a damn good after food.... I always make it a point to have one after lunch... well with lunch, I can say :-)

I love this egg rice, I love this....I can already imagine the eggy smell of the dish... A quickie food, when you are back from work tired... it can be such a surprise...


keerai masial

baby potato in peanut butter

Check out this Keerai masial and baby potato fry with peanut butter.. I suggest, cook both and have with rice ... Keeari masial is made from Mulai Keerai or Amaranth in English and baby potato is made from, well baby

Check out this healthy ridged gourd sodhi, modified by cooking with milk and tomatoes..

Some Hot and Spicy treat mirchicha chatka .. This is damn hot... Try at your own risk!! :-)

Yummyyyy!!! This is awesome.. The picture only looks so yummy, I can smell it on the laptop screen.. This Chetinad chicken curry is a must try..n I recommend, you try it tonight... ( Also spelt as Chettinad )

Pototoes in gravy or aloo gravy, whatever you call it, for a potato lover like me, it is just too tempting....


I have a sweet tooth and gaajar ka halwa have been a personal favorite of all times and as old visitors will know.. Imagine my pleasure when I got this entry of a gaajar ka halwa... Gaajar ka Halwa

And with this we come to an end, the 26th Curry Mela... Thank you all.. Visit again.