Friday, July 01, 2005

Curry Mela at Bachelor Cooking

What are the rules?
What do I do to participate in the Curry Mela of Bachelor Cooking?
How do I submit an entry?
Can I participate in the curry Mela?

These are question that I get so often from new readers.

I never had a page where I describe the food event, that has become somewhat Popular among the Food Bloggers, so here I go.

Curry Mela started out as the Culinlinkus, a name that quite amused me and a few readers, but ruffled a few feathers here and there. I started the Culinlinkus when My blog had started getting about 250+ unique readers in a day, and I thought why not dedicate a day to linking to my favorite recipes that I come across over the week and bookmarked. And I started to post every weekend my favorites recipes that I come across. It was when I decided to convert it into an event where people can send me entries for the event. Anyway I was hosting it every weekend. But the basic tenet remained the same, and even today I still include recipes that I like, even without being entered, into the curry Mela.

Perhaps I will start the culinlinkus again, separately, when I get more time.

Anyway, The Rules are there are no rules!

When I started out, I used to link to any kind of food and Curry Mela doesn’t mean you have to only submit Curries. Curry is a metaphor for Food.

I would more than welcome exotic dishes as well as desserts, Bakes, Continental, Barbeques and everything that can be cooked.

Cook up a dish, post it, and send me the parmalink with subject line as Curry Mela to ANTHONYSMIRROR[AT]GMAIL[DOT]COM. It will be posted in the next curry Mela.

I host the Curry Mela most weekends, and if I miss an event in a weekend, your entry will be up in the next weekend.

Do add a technorati tag as Bachelor Cooking and Curry Mela.

If you feel like providing a link back, link as Curry Mela at Bachelor Cooking.

Thank you very much


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