Thursday, April 19, 2007

H1b Official Website Bomb

I have posted this article on H1b official website on my other blog, and the post has made it to the Times of india here.

When you search for the keyword H1b official website on google, you'd expect the pages of uscis, but no. Well at least before I made the post, the first result was of a hate site, called send [them] back dot org. After my post, a few links from other bloggers, now the google result page has pushed down the hate site fron the number one spot of google result page.

But, it is still on page one. I want a few more links to push the result back to at least page two.
I want my dear readers and fellow food bloggers to read the above post, and write a post titled H1b official website, with links to the genuine H1b sites below:

make it fast.
This hate site got into search result number one by getting link with H1b Official website as the anchor text. By linking to the other sites with the same text, we are going to ou\sh the hate site back inside the google result pages.

Start Linking...

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