Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mutton Chops.

I called it mutton chops because that is what the butcher will understand.
What I am going to cook here is the single bachelor's version of A Lamb chop/Grilled lamb Chops or Prime Ribs to be more west. Serendipity might be what led me to have tried and tested this most ingenious recipe. I had gone to guy a Hot plate for preparing tea when I couldn't get LPG for some time due to glut on the supplier's part and lack of time from my part to stay home during the day. I realise I couldn't prepare any kadhai-waala dish on the hotplate since it needed a flat bottom pan and I was thinking of the dishes that could only be prepared on a flat non stick Pan, I passed this mutton shop. I had never tried Lamb Ribs earlier, and my favorite chops remain pork ribs.. Ah!! how I miss Kolkata and The Atrium at The Park, and also 6 Ballygunge place, but the Chops at 6 ballygunge tend to be too messy with lots of fat. Atrium serves well chosen meat.

Now this is a pure bachelor type cooking, very simply cooked and awesome taste, vegetarian Visitors, sorry again, will come upwith a nice vegetarian recipe before this weekend.

Ask the butcher for Chops, he will know how to cut it.
Ask him for softer Ribs as well. Half a Kilo should serve two.
It is a quickie recipe with not much Complexities.
Cook in leisure, eat with dal rice or with a Red wine ;-)
OK let me make it even more simpler.
Wash the meat and keep it in the Non-stick pan.
Add a little turmeric (less than half a teaspoon), On teaspoon Jeera Powder( if available use the one which is not too finely ground- Food Bazaar has this slightly coarse ground jeera), one teaspoon Dhania powder, and add two table spoon of oil. Add salt to taste.
Mix well and keep it for one Hr.

You might have to separate the meat into two portions because I don't want any two meat pieces overlapping. Spread the meat and remove the rest for frying again.

Now put the pan on the hot fire and cook covered in medium heat.
Keep it covered, you will see that juice or water have come out.
Let the juice come out, cook till the water has dried and meat and oil separates.
Soon as the meat and oil separates and there are no water left open the lid and lower the Fire.
Keep presing the meat with the Spoon and when one side is done turn.
When the colour turns slightly brown, but not yet black the meat is done.
Beware! cook in lowflame, let it take time but in low flame.

Cook the second set of meat if there were any left. After it is cooked, add the earlier ribs that were cooked and heat for soe time. In it add one table spoon of ginger-garlic paste( make the pste yourself either using a mortar pestle or a mixie), add a cup of finely chopped tomatoes, mix well and cover the lid and cook for 10 mins in low flame occasionally mixing them.



Blogger D Chaudhury said...

Sounds great. Though Im a bachelor, and cook often, Ive never made mutton chops. This time chops were the only thing available in the shop...and I needed a recipe. Yours seems awesome. Im in process of making it right now :)
Wanted to ask - no onions in mutton?

Good to see you've got so many useful recipes, and Bengali ones at that (Im Bong)!

Oh! And it would be great if you added a photo of the finished product.

- Dips

4/25/2009 10:13:00 PM  

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