Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Gobi pakora aka Bhaji aka Vada

Well well, So here you go Mehak, Luckily this was already in the draft to post for a rainy day, but I can I refuse a reader, who are my inspiration, not to mention the extra few kilos I have gained since I started to blog here. *smiles*

Had to post this before I did the Manchurian post because, this is a major ingredient for the post.
What happened was, I wanted to cook Gobi manchurian, but then I decided I wanted to have Bhaji or pakoras as well, and since I had to make a batter anyway, why not have two dishes, and I had to prepare a dish for VKN's virtual cooking competition Qtr1/2006, so I went ahead frying a lot of bhajis. Note that the lighter shaded Pakoras ware what I used for the manchurian I will post in a moment. The lighter shade is because I made separate batter for the pakodas and the manchurian.

The Batter for the Bhaji or pakoda is here in my earlier Prawn Pakora post here.

I cut the Gobi or cauliflower into bit size florets, and boiled for a few minutes in water with some salt. then I dipped the gobi florets in the batter and deep fried them in vegetable oil, in very low heat.

The trick to get best bhaji ios to fry in very low heat for a long time. It takes a lot of patience, but its well worth it.

Enjoy, as I did.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks so much tony...Gobi Pakoras n a cutting chai....baarish mein.....wah wah wah

2/08/2006 07:29:00 PM  

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