Thursday, August 31, 2006

Another Balayya- Finger Power!

Another Classic Fingering of Balayya!
The train episode was super power, Now this is Class!! Whatever it mean :-)

Mutton-Lamb Rogan Josh

The Lamb-Mutton Rogan Josh that I cooked the other day!
Certain important events had prevented me from finding the time posting it.
I will write about the events as it unfolds.

And yes, I will write the recipe of the Rogan Josh, today by evening!! That is a promise..
Tis early morning 'ere and I have to finish for Office!!

How I wish I owned a Restaurant :-)

Picture with Different Lighting!
So after a long wait I am here with the Rogan Josh!
Right from the name to the looks, Rogan Josh is how mutton should be prepared and How Mutton should be eaten. Mutton Vindaloo or Lamb Chops are good in their own place, but Mutton Rogan Josh or Gosht Rogan Josh is Purely Nawabi. A rich food of the Emperors.

Creating the Rogan Josh in the Mughal Kitchen must have been a very tedious affair, so must have been the naming of the Dish. Rogan Josh, Wah! That is how food should be named. Move aside Foie Gras...

Creating this delicacy requires carefull selection of spices, the right amount of garlic and ginger, the right browning of Onions when you fry the masala and all such.
But what I have here is a very palatable version of the Rogan Josh, simplified for cooking by Novices. For bachelor Cooking, so to speak.

The Recipes:
First the Ingredients
1. 600 grams of Mutton
2. One large Onion, chopped well.
3. 200 grams of yoghurt
4. 2 Tomatoes
5. 10-12 cloves of garlic to get 1 TBS of garlic paste.
6. 1 inch Ginger to be crushed
7. Meat masala ( MDH or Everest meat masala)
8. 2 Bayleaves, 2 cloves, 2 elaichi, 1 star anise.
9. For the marinade, 1 tsp dhania or coriander powder, 1 tsp jeera or cumin powder, half tsp Red Chilli Powder, half tsp haldi, and 1 TBS ginger garlic paste extra beside the one above(you may use ready made paste here, but use fresh for the earlier one).

1. Marinade- Some people marinade the meat with the Yoghurt, but I prefer not to. Here is the reason, it is always tastier to let the meat fry till meat is firm and oil separates from the meat. It is during this time that masala also enters the Meat and make it tasty. Yoghurt must be poured only after that.
SO mix the meat well with the above mentioned ingredients for marinade. Add salt also, now. Keep for at least 2 hours.

2. Heat 2 TBS vegetable oil in a Kadhai or Wok or Thick Bottom Pan and when hot, add 2 bayleaves, cloves, elaichi and star anise. Immediately add the onions and saute till it turns to brown just right.

3. Add the meat now, mis well, reduce and cover it. Keep it that way in low heat for 5 minutes.

4. When you open the pan, there would have been juice comming out from the meat.
Increase heat and saute.

5. Add the fresh ginger garlic paste and Keep stirring from the bottom till juice is dry and oil starts to separate from meat.

6. Add the yoghurt, and cover it. Now cook till the gravy is almost dry again.

7. Add tomatoes and mix well for a few minutes. Add 2 cups of hot water and let shimmer. Add 1 tsp or more of meat masala now. Also add some more salt to taste.

8. Shimmer till gravy is thick and consistent.


Note: If the meat is not tender, ask the butcher if meat is tender or not, and so if it is not tenmder, the step 7 should be done in a pressure cooker. Three whistles and then cool it and then shimmer till thick and concistent..

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mutton Ragan Josh is Cooking!!

Just to inform everyone that I am cooking lamb/Mutton Ragan Josh after getting inspired by Pamela's Lamb Rogan Josh. Recipe will be up Soon!!!!


Curry Mela - 30th

Dear All, It is time for the Curry mela Round up. The 30th Curry Mela is there already.. I know some you have been eagerly waiting for the Curry Mela, Thanks again, with all your support and words of encouragement, we have reached the 30th episode of the Curry Mela! Without Further ado, enjoy the spread!


Pad ThaiArchana cooked this amazing Thai Delicacy, Pad Thai, with her account of Thai Food and Spices.
She says that this recipe is Devoid of any hard to find Ingredients and herbs, so we all can try this out right away, huh!


Thai Fragrant Rice Ah, it is raining Thighs, oops Thais again. Somehow, whenever there is an entry to the curry Mela which is new to the curry, they never do come singly. Which is amazing, of course, coz we get to try out varieties of the came. Check out this delicious looking Thai Fragrant Rice with Thai Potato Curry, by Pavani.


Red Chard
Now this is a wonderful recipe from a wonderful Women. Manisha cooks up this awesome Masoor with red Chard. Ever ingenious that she is, she cooked this bunch of beautiful bunch of red chard, locally grown organically at 6000 feet in the Rockies of Colorado. Now that is Healthy Food!!


Ashwini sends this beautiful entry, now the Picture is just awesome. This is Shrimp Pulao for you. She is trying to bridge a gap with this recipe :-) after complaints that she don't blog about Non-veg food often. And some people complain that I don't blog about veg food often. just check the side bar, there are Much More veg recipes than Non-Veg.


Tomato Chutney

A first time Blogger, S blogs about Chatpat food, and send her entry of an easy Tomato Chutney. Now, we at Bachelor Cooking are always looking for easy recipes. I'd it is a good start. Do blog more, and bring to us your delicious Recipes. Keep Blogging!! Welcome to the Cooking Blogosphere...


Cabbage Curry
Jayshree here is another new Food Blogger, who blogs about Veggie delights, and sends in a Wonderfull preparation of Cabbage Curry, which I will try out, soon. She has been Blogging for a long time now, but she came into the food Blogging scene recently. A warm Welcome!!


Pesto Pasta
We can always do with some easy Italian food too.. I have a good collection of pastas, which I haven't cooked for a long time.. Food is one of the main reasons we work for, yet work keeps us from cooking some amazing recipes, sigh!!! Now this Pesto and Tomato pasta looks yummy and the recipe is very simple, Another perfect Bachelor recipe.


lamb Rogan Josh
Now, Pamela dear!! So you want to me to cook your recipe? I have been reading up varieties of Rogan Josh recipes, of late, since I wanted to prepare it. What a pleasant coincidence that you sent it for the curry mela... I would be but forced to cook your version, not because of anything else but for the fact that It looks YUMMYY. Amazing Lamb Rogan Josh, I say!


Pad Thai
This is Hot, this is tangy, Shankari posts this recipe of Chilli in tamarind Sauce. This kind of Picklish Recipes are real Life Savers for bachelors and Students living in bachelor pads. It will complement a simple Daal Rice Dinner very well. Shankari says that it can be had with Dosa,Idli and everything else like rice, Upma, Chapathi and the likes.


Pudina Chicken

Now, this Indiana Doc who is not from Indiana has a dual course entry of Pudina Chicken and Prawn roast. Now which do I try first?


Indian Feast

Ruth from Toronto, blogs about an Indian Feast, which indeed is another Curry Mela in itself. Check out the spread of Saag paneer to Ragan Josh to Butter Chicken. A feast that would fit a Mughal Emperor of yore.


Pineapple Pudding
Pushpa sends in this Pineapple Pudding. Look so beautiful, I would feel guilty to dig a spoon into it and eat it. And I could complete it nonetheless. Amazing Entry!!


Mixed vegetable Kurma
Prema Writes about this wonderful indian Dish, a Mixed Vegetable Kurma. Vegetable kurma is quite a common dish and everybody has his own way of Cooking it, and even I had cooked it in a different way. Hers is also different and new, and very simple. Another easy recipe everybody must try.


Corn and red Bell Pepper
Now, it is nice to see a soup recipe in a while. I mean, I hardly get soups as entries, and soups are the most important part of a meal. Very healthy and keeps you from over eating. This Corn and red Bellpepper soup looks very delicious too.


Chana masala and Naan Smitha's Naan and Chana Masala Looks awesome and the recipe sounds so easy!

Taste as good but much lesser oil than Chole-bhature :-)


Chicken Curry in Sate Sauce
You can trust Meeta to come up with such fantastic and awesome and wonderful as aChicken Curry in Sate Sauce. Mouth Watering, and add to it that I am so hungry today.


Rum Cake
Nandita, our lone doctor Food Blogger baked this sinfully delicious Chocolate Rum Apricot cake. She is a health food expert and if she bakes this cake, this must be one healthy cake.. just kidding, after all one can indulge oneself on occassions, otherwise where is the joy, without indulgences...


Ribbon pakoda
Priya Prepares some savoury Snacks, Ribbon pakoras which looks delicious. She blogged about it so well, in a step by step instruction which will make it so easy for any newbie learning to Cook.


Hope you enjoyed it.. Do come again!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Countdown to the 30th Curry Mela

People where are you?
Where is the entry....

Waiting for the Curry Mela Entries...
Hurry Up...
Give subject lines as curry Mela 30th and send it to Anthonysmirror[at]gmail[dot]com

Or leave a comment here..

Hurry up.. you have just 24 hours..

In the meanwhile Check out, The Munnabhai Trailor at Desi Music Videos.

Balayya Cruise again! Now Pushing train

Watch the Magic. Now what does he have in his Fingers :-)

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Aloo Curry of Poori Bhaji

Yeah! This is the Bhaji of Poori Bhaji. A simple yet filling and "keep craving for more despite the carbs" dish. Aloo or Potato is a universal ingredient, and can mix well with almost anything that is cookable. Alone, too aloo can be prepared into a number of dishes, from Aloo Bhate of the Bengalis and Biharis to Dosa masala Down South, to Hash Browns to Mashed Potatoes, to the ubiquitous Mac Fries without which Mac Donalds wouldn't have been what it has seen in its life cycle. I hate the Mac burgers but, man! noone else fry the fries like the Mac.
Yeah! Aloo is very versatile I know, and we even have a saying that The variety of Potato recipes can be as varied as a Women's Heart or the cloud's faces and shapes....ouch.. it hurts, don't hit me too hard... I am not saying it, it is just a saying...

To be saying the truth, The best Aloo dish I love is the aloo in Chicken Curry :-D, but next to it, I would settle for a big bowl the aloo curry served with Poori Bhaji. I cook this often too, to have with rice.. Yeah ! Yeah! I still don't know how to fry Pooris....tch tch!

The Recipe:

4 largeish Aloos/Potatoes, peeled and halved
3 Tomatoes chopped
2 green Chilli sliced.
1 Tsp Rai or Mustard seed
1 tsp Jeera Gota (Cumin Seeds)
1/2 (half) tsp Methi (Fenugreek seed)
Half Tsp each of Chilli Powder, Dhania(coriander seed) Powder and Jeera Powder
Less than half tsp of Haldi or Turmeric Powder.
1 Tbs Ginger Garlic paste
One onion finely chopped


Boil the Potatoes till cooked or soft. Three whistles in a pressure cooker, or place in a bowl and Microwave it. Prick with Fork to see if potatoes are cooked. Anyway I never had problems of potatoes being overdone or underdone. A bachelor Cook won't care either. Mash them roughly with the hand or back of a spoon and leave aside.

Heat 2 tbs Oil in a Pan or Wok or Kadhai.

Add the Cumin Seeds, Fenugreek and mustard seeds. Immediately add green chilli and onions and fry till onions are limp. Add the Ginger garlic paste, and saute for one minute. Add all the masalas and add the tomatoes. Saute well for 2-3 minutes, and add the potatoes.
Mix well, and saute for at least 3 minutes, add 1 and a half cup of boiling water.
Add salt to taste, and let shimmer for 5 minutes before serving.

Serve with Pooris or Luchis ( Puffed Fried Indian bread)

PS: Do send in tips that Rookie Cooks and bachelors can use in easy Cooking to anthonysmirror[at]gmail[dot]com

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Balayya Cruise - Send him to POK!

This is an Old video, with the novelty still on.
I still enjoy it to this day!

Catla Fish Curry- Manipuri Style, Atoiba Thongba!

Not exactly Catla, but the Bengali Fish monger calls it Catla. Actually Catla is the the Carp and the Golden Carp. taste similar, but this fish which the bengalis call Catla has a bigger head than the Carp or Catla as I know it. This bigger headed Catla is Called Bao in manipur, and tastes better than the Carp. The taste was Like Carp, though, though it looked like Bao. It was Carp or catla after all.

This is best cooked this particular way. Minched. I had posted a similar post here. We call it Atoiba Thongba. A delicacy that adorns every grand feast, if it is a non-veg or Fish Feast. Mom Cooks the best Atoiba, Another aunt cooks second best, and I cook very good :-) . Usually the Manipuri grand feasts are vegetarians on most occasions, except on certain occasions like Piercing of the ear ceremony, what we call Na Hutpa, or House warming, or on the 5th day of marriage when the bride's family arranges a feast for the groom side and guests, much like the reception. This is not Steamed Fish like how the Bengalis Cooked Hilsa, nor is it deep fried and cooked. This is cooked in a typical, Manipuri fashion unique to the Manipuris as far as I have come across.

Recipes, will be posted soon. I need to go off to sleep now... Have an early morning Flight. I have set the alarm at 4 pm. I am at hyderabad tomorrow. Back by sunday Morning.

In the meanwhile Check out this earlier post.
Send in your Curry mela entries. I might post it this weekend or the next. Do send in anyways, I will post if I have enough entries...
But I shall be posting the Weekend Herb Blogging by monday evening... Send in your entries fast. Check out Kalyn's for details.

Update: 23rd Aug
Catla or Carp, 1 kilo or about 2 pounds cut into 1 inch or little less than 2 cm cubes. (Not steaks, cut 4 times the 1 inch steak)
One large potato cut into 2/3rd inch or 1 cm Cubes
1 cup green Peas
2 tomatoes.
Small Onion Cut into Slices or slivers
1 cm finger of Ginger, crushed
4 cloves of Garlic, crushed
2 green chillies sliced in halves
1 tsp Shahi or Kaali Jeera ( Small Cumin Seeds)
1 tsp Dhania or Coriander powder
1 tsp Jeera or Cumin powder
1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
1/2 tsp Red Chilli powder
Pinch of Heeng or Asafoetida ( pinch= about twice the size of tip of match stick)
1 tsp Methi or fenugreek Soaked in water for few minutes.

Heat 4 tBS Oil in non-stick pan.
If heeng is the solid Kolkata Variety, add it now.
If it is the yellow variety add immediately after adding Onions.
Add Shahi Jeera and let sputter, add the green chillis.
Add wet Methi.
OPTIONAL: I used it and it gives amazing flavour, add 2 TBS of garlic Chives now, if you can get hold of some. Wash and chop a 1 inch bunch into 1 inch length.
Add onions and fry till golden brown.
Add Crushed Garlic and Ginger and saute for 1 minute.

Add the fish, now lower heat.
Don't stir using a Spatula..
To Mix, hold the handle of the pan and give small shakes or jerks.
Be careful, and when you shake, turn it clock or anti clock wise.
Cook that way for five minutes.
Add Potatoes and peas.
Mix the remaining Masala, ie chilli powder, Dhania powder, Jeera Powder and Turmeric powder in water and make a thin paste.
Pour the mix into the fish and again mix well in the way described above.
If at all you are using Spatula, be careful, and be gentle.
Cook for 10 Minutes and add 2 cups of Boiling water.
Add salt to taste.
Add chopped Tomatoes.
You may add some garam masala, though I didn't add it.
Shimmer or 7-8 minutes or potatoes are cooked whichever is later.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend Herb Blogging #46 Recap

Am I glad?
But of course!
From being a participant to the Kalyn Denny's Weekend herb Blogging, or WHB to being the Host to today.
The WHB, have travelled far and wide, and participants have been also from far and wide. Kalyn so nicely mentioned how I had participated from Faraway Mumbai, India. And i hope kalyn won't mind if I do the recap in my own Bachelor Cooking way!!!

And, today, the WHB is being Hosted at Mumbai where else?
Welcome to the recap of the 46th Weekend Herb Blogging, and dear god, 46 is a Big number!!


Let us start the recap from Kalyn's own entry to this week's WHB.
From Salt lake City, Utah!

Kalyn blogged about a very wonderful herb, basil, and have cooked for us this amazing Pasta Salad with Roasted Tomatoes, Grilled Zucchini, and Basil.
Actually this more than amazed me, when I saw use of basil in Cooking. In India, Basil, also called Tulsi in Hindi, has a religious conotation and every household use to have a basil plant in the courtyard, and people offered prayers to the plant. We had a very healthy basil in our courtyard, and elders used to tell us the many medicinal properties of the Basil. When I started learning science in school, I hypothised that basil strengthens the Immune system. We usedto chew and apply basil to wounds, we used to drink crushed basil leaves when we had fever, and it cured everything. It was a cure-all, an Elixir. The best potion, we ever had was coconut water with basil leaves floating. I would sure love to try basil with the Pasta.


From Socal, USA!

Surfindaave, the Serendipitous Chef Blogs about Okra for the WHB, and has cooked up an amazing Platter, Burnin' Down the House Gumbo. Okra, or Ladies' Finger or in India, bhindi is a very healthy and surprisingly tasty vegetable.

On health notes, the Okra will give you the necessary fibres, and the Chicken will give you the Protiens, And there is the rice for carbs. A nice after work-out meal.


Gini at Salt and Pepper writes about Parsley and weaves a wonderful tales of two pestos, cooking up an amazing pasta with Pesto for the WHB. Check out the pasta with the Parsley Pesto prepared with Parsley, pine nuts, parmesan grated, salt, garlic and extravirgin olive oil.


New Jersey, USA!
Here is another Basil post, from Gattina, who cooked up this Stir Fried minched Pork with Thai basil. It has been cooked in a very simple and easy way, which makes it a good candidate for bachelor Cooking.



Genie, The inadvertent Gardener blogs about the pepper, the universal herb, and to an Indian, where pepper makes an integral part of the cuisine, much pleasure was found when I saw the post. This entry for the WHB, the san marconi Pepper, reminds me of the Huge wrinkled Pepper, with the aroma that could kill, called the King Chilli. Some people call it naga Chilli, we call it Wood chilli, since the stem is like wood, and it grows bigger than a herb. One pepper can add flavor to a Pot big enough to feed the whole of mexico.

Genie Grilled the pepper, and had it with Chicken tandoori and all that...


From Indiana, USA

Indiana Doc writes in for the WHB, an indian favorite amongs Herbs, the Pudina or Mint and cooked up a fantastic Pudina Annam or Mint Rice . Pudina, is also much like basil, only without the religious and mystical baggage, and much more common as a home remedy for stomach ailments.

Have you ever tried shrimps wioth mint. Try it, it taste awesome.


Istanbul, Turkey

Isil Simsek from veggie way writes about the purslane for an entry to the WHB.

Isil cooked us a very simple Purslane recipe which is so simple to cook and looks very tasty. Can be cooked by a rookie Bachelor Cook.


Melbourne, Australia
Haalo of Cooks almost Anything has blogged about the very uncommon Broccoli Stems and cooks up an awesome and healthy recipe Cavolicelli con Aglio Olio - Cavolicelli with Garlic Oil. Taste great with Roast Chicken, says Haalo.


Greenwich Village, New York

The Chocolate lady writes about hemp Seed for WHb and has posted for us, a recipe for hempseed kofta.


Missouri, USA
Another Pepper Entry, Farm girl also write about this Fiery red peppers.


Toronto, Canada
Ruth at Once Upon a Feast writes about some beautiful country flowers. Specially, I love the sunflowers.
Sunflower is a very useful flower, and I virtually live on Sunflower Oil.
Roasted Sunflower seeds are also very tasty..


Davis, California, USA

Sher at What Did You eat, writes about Rosemary and cooks up an amazing Lemon Risotto With Rosemary.


Cate or more popularly Sweetnicks cooked up this awesome Pasta Puttanesca, a quick, simple and tasty recipe. perfect for bachelor Cooking, with Great taste!!


Germany, North.
Ulrike from Küchenlatein of OstWestWind, writes about lavender for the WHB and has prepared a nice lavender lemonade for the parched throat.


Washington DC USA,

Christa of Calendula writes about Sage, the mother of all herbs, and have prepared a this Chicken with Olives. Looks very yummy, and I am hungry again!!


Düsseldorf, Germany
Vaishali of happy Burp writes about Snake Gourd with Hyacinth Beans, which is a deadly combination that will please all taste buds. She has this easy recipe of Padval Dalimbya.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Now, how would I have known, but for the WHB, that Basil was such a common herb. This is the third basil post in this weekend's WHB. Katerina of daily Unadventureswrites about basil and post the recips of reamy Zucchini and Basil Penne. None of the recipes are similar though.. Lovely spread..


Chilli Avocado burger
Weimar, Germany

Meeta blogs about coriander or cilantro and had posted a spicy recipe for all of us. Check out this spicy Avocado and Chilli Burger.


macerated strawberriesSydney, Australia

Anna of Morsels and Musings Writes about macerated Strawberries. To macerate, it seems is:
To make soft by soaking or steeping in a liquid.
To separate into constituents by soaking.
To cause to become lean, usually by starvation; emaciate.


Ontario, canada;

Ejm of etherwork have written about Parsley (Petroselinum crispum crispum) for the WHB and have also posted my favorite Potato salad, with Dill another of my favorite herbs.

Dill makes some excellent dishes, authentic Manipuri and North east Indian Cuisine. if you have come across the smelly, fermented Soya, and have an acquired taste for the same, write to me and I will tell you an awesome recipe for the same with Dill and Pork.

If you have read till here, then Thanks for the patience. If you are a first time visitor, do check out the sidebar, and also the list of Curry mela. You may take part in the next weekend's Curry Mela, and event of Food. The only criteria of the recipe is that it should be a food :-).
Check out the side bar for Curry Melas.
I would Like to thank kalyn again for the opportunity to allow me to host the Weekend Herb Blogging.
I hope you have all enjoyed.
Do come back again for some amazing recipes.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

How to Boil Arvi/Aloo in Microwave! Tip from Reader.

One of the readers of Bachelor Cooking, Parul writes in, with some useful tips, which I am sure will be very useful to bachelors and other rookie cooks. She writes in:

All you guys that I have seen mention to boil arvi/aloo in cooker-
Man… this takes time and sometimes the arvi comes out mushy – I like
mine firm and well boiled.

Try this

Take one of the grocery/plastic bags if you live outside india( I use
the ones you buy veggies in that don't have handles the transparent
ones- the handle ones I usually keep to collect grabage)

Put your aloo/arvi in it and tie it up in a knot . Make cuts ( several
usually but if you are angry make some more) with a knife or fork to
make sure the steam escapes.

Put in a Microwave on high for 5 min and your arvi will come out just
rightly boiled. ( if you have like 2 arvis they try for 3 min if you
have 2 lbs then it may take 8 min)

To test for doneness try poking in a knife through the plastic to see
if it goes in without resistance.

In case of aloos my mom suggests you can wash and wipe them with an
oily hand to get a better flavor

( saves up time and the effort of cleaning up the cooker). Tear up
the bag and throw it( its worthless now anyways) and take the aloo/
arvi out. be careful it will be hot.

Note: the Baingan done the same way for bhadta comes out ok.

Thanks parul.
It was such a valuable Tip and I am sure my readers will appreciate.

The tip was found valuable, but even more valuable were the feedbacks given by a few readers.
It was more to do with the safety of the use of plastic in Microwave. The common question was is it microwave safe? Since, parul had tried it, and she mentioned that she used the polythene without the holder, which is usually a better grade , so it must be safe, but then, it is always good if you are 100% sure , since it is food.

Some of the feedbacks are in the comments, and I am reproducing them,

Make sure that the plastic you use in microwaves is microwave-safe. Better still, use glass bowls. How often have we heard that something that was declared 'safe' is no longer safe because of new research? Glass is safest - its melting point is well above 2000F.

A grad student writes:
I would just like to add that not all plastics are food safe. Here is a link that describes the dangers of using plastics:

The last paragraph contains examples of plastics that are safe to use.

Alternatively, you can use a microwavesafe bowl, fill it up with a 1cm of water and poke holes in the arvi/potato and cook as usual.

At Hindsight, using plastic bags, in a microwave is scary, but you can use the better quality, MW safe bags, I believe. But then, like Grad Student suggested, you can always use a bowl.
If you have any tips that might be useful to a Bachelor Cook, or any cook, do send your tip. I will post it with due reference and linkback.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sliced Chilli Pork - Fast Chinese Food!

Majority of the Indians don't eat Pork, or so it seems. I have nothing against those who don’t; it's their choice, after all. Many people have started eating pork though. After all, food is food, and good food is good food. But there are a lot of people, people I have come across, who says they don’t, but well, they have tried. And there are those who have the typical answer, “ Yeah! I do eat it when I eat out!”.

Most people start eating pork in Chinese Restaurants. And they start with sliced chilli pork, mostly. Or perhaps Mixed fried rice with Pork. But Sliced Chilli pork is a good way to start having this most tasty meat. Well, Slice Chilli Pork is as good a dish as any to start eating Pork, and I just remembered Momo.

Sliced Chilli Pork is the only Pork dish I usually order at Bar-B-Q, a famous Chinese restaurant in Kolkata. Like all extra-Chinatown Chinese Joints, This is also run by a Non-Chinese, but the chefs are, I believe, Chinese. Bar-B-Q serves as good Chinese dishes as those in China town or Tangra.

My Chilli Pork didn’t turn out exactly like Bar-B-Q’s, but allow me a little self praise, it seem tastier, eh! But then, I am the self proclaimed Maharajah, no? But I can always do with a little self praise, no! Nothing gives me more pleasure than guests overeating, with an occasional "it is amazing, Wow! So Nice, never had better chicken in My life" blah blah!. I hate it when people nibble on their food, especially If I am the Host.
How do One cook Chilli Chicken?
It is quite easy, if you ask me.
All Pork Dishes are easy, and yes, I have some more Pork dishes Lined up.

Sliced Chilli Pork is another Trade Mark Bachelor Cooking Recipe. Very Yummy! Very Easy!

1 Kilo Pork, sliced into about 1 inch wide and 2.5 inches long. Should be about 4 mm Thick or twice as thick as the usual Bacon Slice. Ask Butcher to slice vertically, so that there are both fat and meat in each slice.

4 capsicums, cut into slices or 2 mm thin stripes.
3 Green Chilli sliced in half.
One Onion chopped Roughly.
More than 15 Cloves of Garlic, chopped into small pieces, not crushed.
Two Tomatoes, Blanched and peeled, and Pureed .
150 Grams Spring Onions, choped into 1 inches.
Soya Sauce

1. Wash Pork and put the wet Pork into a pressure cooker and cook till 3 whistles.
In the absense of Cooker follow step 2 directly, but cook a while longer, say 10 more minutes.
2. Pour the contents into a Wok or Pan and boil in the remaining water till water is dry.

3. Oil will start to come out now, saute the meat its own fat. The water will be dry sooner if you had not pre-cooked it in the cooker. Add the Onions, green Chilli and Chopped garlic. Saute the meat in its fat for 10 minutes, in low heat if it was pre-cooked(step 1), otherwise saute for 20 minutes.
4. Pour 5 TBS of Black Soya Sauce, and cook in it for 5 more minutes. Add the Capsicum. Add salt to taste.
5. Add the tomato Puree, and Spring Onions. Cover the pan cook for 10 minutes, stirring from time to time.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Beautiful Pictures from Arunachal Pradesh

Happy Independence Day, dear All!!

In the meanwhile, Check out the beautiful pictures from Tawang District in Arunachal Pradesh in this new blog, Arunachal Yatra.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Curry Mela 29th Week

Hmm... lets all get drunk tonight!! eh eh eh eh eh.... Funny Rapper that Yo Rapper... It's a little late, this curry mela, but the song went on and on and the weekend was over so fast, I didn't even see it. Saturday afternoon, which is when I usually start the round up, the net connection was acting funny.. no connection to gateway and all that.. But it is cool now!! and it is early monday morning when I gave the finishing touch to the 29th curry mela!!

Welcome you all to the 29th curry mela...
Thanks for the patience, and if you had gone away after seeing no curry mela up by sunday evening, I am sorry.. But this is a good curry mela, with a very good number of entries, which made the spread all the more beautifull!!

Enjoy the spread... Thanks for comming..
And don't forget to participate in next weeken's herb Blogging.
Blog about a herba nd send me the entry by next sunday.
I am hosting, Kalyn's Weekend herb Blogging next week.. or rather this week..

For now, enjoy the curry mela!!!

Koonthal Curry


Koonthal Curry & Kalamari fry! Now, this is a very yummy seafood recipe. Koonthal or squid curry and kalamari which is Deep fried Squid. Amazing double treat, and what with my love for sea food, this is such a treat... My mouth is watering as I write this!!


Sauteed Mussels

Here is another sea food recipe, a Mussels recipe, Sautéed Mussels. Does this also have aphrodisiacal Properties hmm? If you think it's raining seafood, there is more.... eh!!


Kozhakattai or Sweet Rice Dumplings, coconutty and sweet, very comforting food!

Tomatilla Fish

Tomatilla Fish Curry, Latino aha!! Check this out... A fish curry with a difference, and I am sure you will love it, if you like fish. I for one, fell for it..


This blogger prepared this amazing dessert Tiramisu, for her Hubby's Birthday.. Very Sweet!! Happy belated Birthday friend!!!
Scrambled Eggs

Desi Styled Scrambled eggs , the most widely known and cooked bachelor recipe I would say. Any bacjelor should be able to cook this dish, and if you still don't know, rush over and learn!!
Dahi wala chicken

Dahi wala Chicken and vegetables !! Amazing picture, amazing food, amazing recipe. Which non-vegeterian would love a chicken dahiwala, and for the health conscious, a healthy dose of vegetables added to it!!

Sookhe Aloo

Sookhe Aloo !! Oww... I promise you that there are more potato dishes coming, and I can't be bisaed towards any potato dishes, after I am a potato lover. Check out my paunch if you don't believe me lolzz.. But hey, aloo sukhe is a quickie dish, and very yummy...

My bachelor tip, peel the potatoes, cut in half and add tehm to the rice, if you are cooking rice. By the time the rice is done, the potaoes will also done. Remove the potatoes, wash them in cold water, and then use it for the aloo sukhe. Saves time, saves energy(read gas or electricity), and the potatoes will have a distinct taste..


Uppu Kozhukkattai

Check out this Uppu Kozhukkattai (Salty Version). When my friend saw the picture , as I am writing this post, he was semi-shocked, He saw the ganesha Idol, and he saw the Kozhukkattai, which has a stark similarity to MOMOS, or steamed dumplings with meat inside. Now, looks can be so deceptive!!
Oh, this is not a sweet, not this version! This is a salted Uppu Kozhukkattai, and the recipe has been very well written, in a crisp step by step procedure!! Check Out..

I love the sweet version as well..


Wheat Dosa

Now, This is Goduma Dosa or wheat dosa, and many of readers being from South India, i guess, you are familiar with this dish, and the recipe, but It was new for me. I never knew you could make dosai with Wheat Flour. Now I don't want to experiment with something I haven't even tasted.. Never good to spoil a new dish,no? So, where do I get my Goduma Dosa???
The next time I see a south Indian restaurant, I am gonna ask for this..


Strawberry Yoghurt Icecream

Strawberry and Yoghurt Icecream! All pink and looks very yummy. I always love it when I get some ingenious dessert recipes amidst all the curries!!!!

Thanks for adding colors to the curry mela...

Pepper Mushrooms

Now our articulate blogger, who inspired me to start the curry mela, has a very beautiful recipe for the curry mela. Check out this mouth watering Spicy Pepper Mushrooms!!

Amazing treat, I tell you, awesome pictures too..

Pineapple Upsidedown Cake

This is the second time I am posting an Upside down cake on the curry Mela, just check out this amazing upside down pineapple cake.

Easy step by step way to prepare too. I was thinking of baking a cake tonight... for some special friend :-D .. I might just bake this!!
Mini Hot dogs

Look at this tiny hot dogs, these are Mini Hot dogs, home made of course, amazing, no? Nice little bites...

Prawn Curry

Prawn Pepper Fry

Yumm!! I love fish, I just love any fish, I can live on fish for days on end... and we have no house by the sea... Check out this amazing double Treat of prawns, Chemmeen Mulakittathu & Kerala Prawn Pepper Fry!! And I told you there were fish dishes to come!!!

Aloo Masala

Check out this Aloo Masala or Potato Curry..but of course, potato being my fav vegetable, that I never forget to add too my dishes.. I even add potatoes to Sarsong ka saag. Aloo masala is an all time fav!!!
chicken in lemon sauce

Now I suggest, you try out this chicken in lemon sauce, next time you plan to have chicken.. Believe me, this is different, not too spicy, very healthy and you will love it...