Saturday, April 29, 2006

Curry Mela 15th

And I am, like 3 weeks late??
But guess what? I am back for good ;-)

Without further ado, Here goes my Curry Mela the 15th....

Peerkangai Tuvaiyal or ridged gourd Chutney.


Stacks of Mooli Parathas, amazingly photographed. But of course you have all seen it already ;-) . I just loved it so much I had to have it on the Curry Mela. Makes excellent Breakfast... And hey this can be deep frozen and kept for very long.....


Here is a simple food, on the lines of my blog's theme of easy recipes. Aloo tamatar subzi curried potatoes in Tomatoes, lol my and potatoes.

Mint Chocoloate tartlets, and how I love tarts... This is a definite show stealer... And hey pal, your new template rocks....


This is Chicken 65 without the fat, that is. Get the protiens without the fats eh!!! an Excellent Health food..

This Buttermilk Ricotta Pancakes looks so very buttery and tempting, Looks like they are screaming at me right out of the screen, TAKE ME TONY :-) and that strawberry on top is so ummm 9 1/2 weeks.

How I used to pester my Mom to make Sooji Halwa(sheera/sanja) for breakfast as a kid.. I can still rememeber the smell of bayleaves and of roast Sooji, when you raost sooji in ghee before adding the milk... Woh kagaz Ki kasti, Woh barish ka paani, aur Woh roasted sooji ki gaandh, Woh Bachpan ki Yaadein :-)


Check out this Baked Ras Malai , Ras malai is an all time favorite. It is the Queen of all sweets, RasoGollas being the King ;-) ... Noton Gurer Sandesh is another King though.. I do have a sweet tooth... But yes, I used to have ras malai for breakfast at one point of time... the juicy milky sweet ummmmmmm..... Mouth Watering....

Kerala ishtyle mutton ishtu (stew) and Ari pathiri (Rice Roti) , Oh! How I love Kerela Food (except for the pre-boiled rice *smiles*)


Jackfruit Paruppu Payasam, a traditional sweet dish of the south India. A must try....


Moong Dal Kosumbari, a ton of protiens the blogger says. This is a much for vegeterians who have to rely on pulses for essential protiens. Yummy protiens, I say.


OK, I love Potatoes. What If I look like a Potato? I am health concious, not in the weight watching category, but what-I-eat-shouldn't-damage my Digestive-tract-category, So I like greens too. Greens and leafy vegetables are somethings I never miss in my dinner. So obviously, I love beans...So this beans and potato curry came as an obvious favoriote :-)


But of course, I love Karela or bitter gourd. As you have seen my last post, I even have it with Biryani. Imagine my surprise, followed by a grin when I discovered this dish, Kakara kaaya Ullikaram Kura, a whole new way to prepare my favorite karela. Stuffed Karela no less... and I have been doing a lot of stuffing these days..


Shah Jeera Mutton sounds very yummy, looks yummy too ;-) . I love ShahJeera with Fish, Thanks to Parna of foodie's bar .. Can't wait to try with Mutton.


Mixed vegetable Stew, what the blogger calls Khat Khate, a very interesting Konkani Dish with an equally Interesting Nomenclature, I say.

***Thank you ***

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Veg Biryani and Karela Fry

A long weekend ahead..
I should have stayed back home..
Would have got 3 more days to stay...
And my earned leaves are all the savings that I have, since I can't count my Insurance policy as a saving..

A long weeekend and I still haven't got any entries for the curry mela yet.. *Sigh*
Hey, I am back ;-) Again.

This is one quickie Biryani.
My concept of a Biryani is Smell of Fried Cloves and Basmati Rice( The aromatic variety. I have used broken Biryani or Tukda which is what I have for food everyday).
This was cooked as a quickie meal, and I only has the nice smelling Basmati Tukda.

I threw in a couple of Tomatoes, a handful of French beans and there I was, with a Veg Biryani that I suddenly wanted to cook everyday.

1 cup Basmati Rice
2 Tomatoes
A handful of French Beans.
Vegetable Oil.
One medium Sized onion Finely Chopped.
4 cloves of garlic and a finger of ginger finely chopped.
The usual Masalas....

Heat Oil.
Let sputter 5 cloves of clove, 1 Tsp Jeera, 1 Tsp Mustard seed and a Bayleaf.
Add a Red Kashmiri Chilli too.
Add finely chopped Onions.
Add the chopped Ginger Garlic.
Add half a Tsp of red chilli powder.
Now add the Tomatoes and the beans.
Saute for a few minutes.
Add the Rice, and water.
Level of water should be about an inch above the rice.
Add a tsp of Biryani masala ( you may replace it with Garam amasala or just Dhania + Jeera powder).
Add salt to taste.
Cover and let out 3 whistles.

Open and serve.

For the Fried Karela, refer to my old recipe here.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Stuffed capsicum

This is my second attempt at stuffings.
The first one was a photogenic disaster.
Tasted fine though.
This one tasted good; even picture is close.

And I should have baked it instead of steaming it.

For the stuffing:

Three Onions Chopped fine.
1 TSP each Jeera and Mustard Seeds.
Very Finely chopped
5 TBS gram Flour or Besan (The TBS to be heaped).

Heat 1 Tbs Oil and let sputter the Jeera and Mustard seeds.
Add the onions and saute in low heat.
Cover the pan, so that onions retain the liquid.
(The other alternative is lots of oil which is not advisable.)

When Onions become limp, add the besan and in very low heat keep mixing.
With a wooden spoon.
Stir the mixture continuously, so that the besan cooks uniformly.
Cook for about 10 minutes.
Keep aside.

Cut capsicums in Halves, and remove the seeds.
Fill it with the above stuffing.

Steam slightly in a pressure cooker or bake in an Oven.

Back to Work, and Blogging

Had a very long week..
I am glad I could rush home.
But all the wailing and crying and consoling in the home atmosphere dampened my good mood self to a great extent. I missed my aunt as much as everybdy else, but I only prayed that her soul rests in peace.

Mostly I was away on errands, shopping pooja materials, and going far off to give invitation for the Shradh. Home was gloomy. I am not too used such emotional cyclones.
And my heart ached for my two cousins that she left behind.
They were the reason I rushed home.
I attended the last rites, and then rushed back to work. I will miss the shradh, but then since I was in another very important rite. And life must go on eh!

I had some recipes I couldn't post earlier.
I will start with stuffed capsicum.
And Curry Mela will continue.
Rush in your entries...

PS: The last post, was my hundreth post, I just noticed on my dashboard.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hi People!!!

A very close aunt of mine just expired and I am cutting short my holiday to head my hometown.
I was really close to my aunt as she was my first aunt, and was the first stranger to join our family. We were a closer joint family then, and we are still a semi sort of joint family.
I still rememebr the first time when we met after she married to my uncle and I was shy to talk to her. I was maybe 3 or 4 then. But I remember! She is survived by the uncle and two kids.
I hope her soul rest in peace..
She was a sweet lady..

I have applied for my leave.

Will see If I can post sometime... from home

I had thought that when i go home next, I will get picture of lots of the local ingredients and post some amazing manipuri recipes, but I will have to do it the next trip around, i guess.

Friday, April 14, 2006

I am out of town...

Dear all, I am out of town, on holiday, :-) and I don't know if I would be able to post the curry Mela... ALl entries that were submitted will come in the next weekend's mela If I can't host the event this weekend.
Thansk for your support....

And, Shubo Nabo Borsho to all Bengalis

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Aftermath of the Pain

This was what I had for lunch day 2. dayone, I only ate icecreams, about half a Kilo. This is my Khichdi for the sick ver 1.0

This was what I had for dinner day 2. The morning ver 1.0 was not too liquid and wasn't so easy on the area where my tooth had been. So I added more water, and more ghee so it just slips into my throat lol. This was Khichdi Ver 2.0

Day 3, I got more adventurous, so I added a lot of stuff and it tasted amazing. I had the same thing, cooked the same way for dinner. Forgot to take pictures, though I added cauliflowers in that. This was Khichdi ver 3.0

I tarkad all three versions in Desi Ghee, and this was no sick food. I could have it even when I am hale and hearty. I am gonna cook this often... Serendipity is also a mother of good recipes..

The cooking was quite simple. And the taste was amazing.. all those who have no pain too, do try this out for a change.. The taste quite surprised me... Specially Khichdi ver 3.0....

For the the recipes, the main ingrediant was the same.

3 parts Toor Daal and 1 part Basmati rice ( Tukda/broken).

Two Tomatoes, one potato.

For the version 3.o, I added carrots and then garnished with Corianders.

I washed and added the daal, rice, tomatoes, potatoes and carrots(for the third one) and half an onion(chopped, the other half for tadka) in a cooker, added water to make it thin ( Amount water should be based on your comfort level). I let it cook for about 5 whistles so that everything is real soft.... I let it cool

For the tadka, I used Desi Ghee. I was liberal in the use of ghee.
WHen Ghee is hot in a Kadhai, I added the remaining onions (choppd fine) and fried till golden brown. I added 1 tsp of ginger-garlic and saute for about 30 seconds and then poured the contents of the pressure cooker into the kadhai....

I cooled it, coz I couldn't have hot stuff, and I just enjoyed it...

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Curry Mela 14th

I am late again.
Yesterday, a very stubborn tooth had to be removed and believe me it pained like Hell. I was once beaten by a mob after I hit a lady with my bike, BY ACCIDENT. And it didn't hurt that much because I was all guilty. I was on my way to my tuitions. The lady was hospitalised.

The tooth or the place where it had been pains like hell as I type this, and the corner of lips OWWWW. They had stretched it till kingdom come, and i didn't realise till today morning since i was on anaesthesia. It was the wisdom tooth, and it had ingrown inside pressing itself hard againts the next tooth and giving me lots of pain ( it was not decayed... I am too hygenic and take care of myself for that), so doctor said it had to be removed... It hadn't come out of the gum too, so it had to cut open and removed. The doctor was a lady so I could'nt scream either. I could really acted that way before a lady eh! Well, the doctor was a pretty lady. And it hurt like hell.. STILL HURTS, and the broadband provider disconnected or disabled my account for some strange reasons. I mean today of all days... SO i had to come to a cyber cafe... one side of the face all swelling... Actually i came because I wanted to sip the cold Granitas they serve at the Java green Cafe inside the Cyber cafe. Unfortunately that was also not there today... lol.... But the show must go on isn't it....

So here goes our 14th curry mela.... do enjoy... and where is that ICE CREAM.....
If you find any spelling or grammatical mistakes, blame it to the pain killer.. I am slightly groggy...

This is the latest addition to my Curry mela, Blame my tooth ache, i somehow missed adding this entry.. My I apologize??? Anyway, the enormity of the mistake is further deepened by the fcat this is one of my favorite dishes and the recipe of this Prawns varuval/fry is just amazing...

We cook daal almost every day, bachelors and non-bachelors alike, but to get the perfect daal is not as easy a feat. Cheack out this amazing everyday dal fry.

Asparagus bruschetta with goats cheese, wow, a perfect private romatic set-up.. That bottle of wine, but where is the other glass..

Don't you all love this Desi Style Panini, the next best thing that happened after Mac Aloo tikki eh!!!

Leftover surprise or-diving into indian food Most apt for a bachelor... for bachelor cookin ;-). Check out this amazingly pleasant surprise, from another new blogger on my blog.. Introducing new bloggers is also part of the curry blogger BTW. DO check out..


Another of my favorite, fish curry, a food stable on our dish except on thurdays when my mom goes all vegetarian


Check out the amazing Brocco flower curry prepared from the vegetable above. This is a hybrid of brocolli and cauliflower.. I can't wait to try this...


Soya fritters (vadai) , I have had aloo fritters, prawn fritter, and even peas fritters, this one was news to me.. And BTW, let also introduce this New blogger on the block with this recipe entry..


Spicy Mint Aloo & Half-off Coleslaw Wrap, Drooling all over. I wish I hadn't this pain in the tooth. lol. I would love to munch down on it...

Kala Channa fry, kala chana is a very healthy food, full of protien and good for the digestive system. Taste great with parothas or rotis...


Drums of Heaven, been sometime since I had this amazing gift of the Chinese to mankind after the Chicken manchurian.


And Gobi Paratha, well raning parathas.. Ok! I will have three of these, and yeah give me 3 of those methi parathas. Am I kidding? Those were starters lol.


Amazing Methi parathas, favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner and what not.


Palakayalu - Rice Based Crispy Savory, some amazing home hade snacks. To be enjoyed with teas. Tony!!!!!! Teas, I said, not beer :-)


Eri seri, don't know it? Haven't heard of it? Senai kizhangu ? Click the link and check out. It is an amazing and healthy recipe.


Paneer with potatoes and green peas, one of my favoritest(sic) dish. I cooked similar one few months back. It was quite a Hit with my old readers. Here is the link to my famous Self made paneer.


Pepper Chicken (Milagu Kozhi Curry), my favorite. I have cooked this dish and even posted it long time back. Reminds me its been a long time that had chicken.


Pepper_Jeera Rasam with Eggplant-Potato Curry , that is what I call a killer combo. I am try out both....sooon


Dahi Vada , OMG, it was a nice surprise to find my favorite snacks... I never though one would prepare this at home.... I have always had this in south indian restaurants, and remains my favorite...


Chinta Chiguru Pappu (Chinta Chiguru is Chintaaku is tamrind leaves is Imli ke patte), this dish is new to me and needs immediate trial and trial ( no error eh!)


Cream of Broccoli Soup; A newly discovered passion, drooling over this blogger's amazing food photography.. How does she do it?


The last entry, and hey buddy.. sorry that i forgot to link it yesterday. I guess it was the pain and the painkiller lol... But here Introducing a new blogger into our curry mela, is an amazing Chicken Dish the chicken 65 (or 66 or whatever) as the blogger says.. Enjoy the well written recipe...

Muchas Gracias.. If you will allow me to go back home and sleep''

LOL, this was the best curry mela ever...

I really enjoyed it, the pain notwithstanding...
I am off for some more Ice creams....
Want me to post a picture of my lopsided swollen Jaw??

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Curry Mela Reminder

14th Curry Mela will be up as schedule, on ANYTIME Saturday...

Do submit entries or nominate any of your recipes for the same.
Entry need not be a curry, even cakes and bakes stuff are most welcome...
Pasta and Lasagna, Beef/Veal steak??

The rule is there is no rule....
Submit a recipe, the first 15 entries will not win an ipod ;-)

This is just for fun...
have your entries comming..

PS: I have skipped the 13th curry mela deliberately... i don't like the number 13 lol....

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Foodblogger’s Meme Around the World

Cyndi of Cyndicooks tagged me with this meme. I love memes, and I though I'd reply the meme soon as i got home today. So, here I am.

This is a fun meme too. This is a meme about food blogs, and here goes:

1. Please list three recipes you have recently bookmarked from foodblogs to try:
Polenta coated fish fillets
Beet Chop
Kadhai murgh Afghani

2. A foodblog in your vicinity:

Saffron Trail

3. A foodblog (or more) located far from you:

Parn's Foodie' bar
LuluLoves London
Obur Kedi's Turkish cuisine

4. A foodblog (or several) you have discovered recently (where did you find it?):

Menu Today
Lakshmi's Rasoi
Saffron Trail

5. Any people or bloggers you want to tag with this meme?

I want to tag all the new bloggers above, and some more .LOL

:: SaffronHut
:: Aayi'sRecipe
:: Vineela's
:: Pusiva's
:: Menu Today
:: Annita's
:: SpiceHut(Sonali)
:: Lakshmi's Rasoi
:: Saffron Trail(Nandita)
:: SugarsSpices( Priya)
:: Kitchenmate (Karthi Kannan)
:: Sailu and
:: Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Rajma Masala

And with that Kashmiri lal Mirch, can I call it Kashmiri Rajma Masala?
I 'd rather, it is known as Bachelor's Rajma.

My last roomie loved it.
So did I.
Look at the gravy...
That, is Potato based, by the way.
And onions and Tomatoes.

A very filling Rajma preparation.
I also cook Rajma with moong daal. I also took the picture; must be in one of the folders.
Will post it too.

I didn't want to add too much oil, so I added most of the masala when I boiled the Rajma and did a light tadka.
( Tadka is tempering, where you fry masalas in oil and pour into it the boiled Mixture)

And yeah, This is another simple to cook dish.
Hardly takes 20 minutes. ( If the Rajma was soaked 5 hours prior, and don't count it)

Two cups soaked Rajma ( Kidney beans)
Two large tomatoes chopped roughly
One large onion Chopped fine
One potato cut into 4 chunks
1 TBS ginger garlic paste ( Preferably home ground, rough)
1 bayleaf, 1-2 red kashmiri chili
Jeera Dhania powder, red chilli powder, turmeric.

Put the Rajma, potatoes, tomatoes , 1/3rd tsp turmeric, half tsp red turmeric.
and half the onions and put to boil till Rajma is Soft.
Try to press with the back of a spoon. The rajma should give in.
2 whistles in a pressure cooker? Let cool.

Heat oil in a pan. ( 1 TBS should do)
Add the bayleaf and red chilli and fry for 10 seconds constantly stirring ( what do you call it) with spoon.
Add onions and fry till golden brown, add ginger garlic paste and saute for 15 seconds
Half tsp each of dhania and jeera powder and saute for another 10 seconds or so.
Add the boiled mixture.

Let shimmer, lightly crush the potatoes with the back of Spoon.
Add salt to taste, and sprinkle a little black pepper powder.
Optional: You may now half a tsp of garam masala which I didn't use.

Serve with hot rice..

Why can't we just lynch this Bastard!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Mackeral Curry cooked simple and easy

This is the mackeral I promised yesterday.
Recipe will be written soon. Real soon.
It turned out very well...
So the 5 km travel to get the fish was well worth it..
( Couldn't find mackeral nearby, so I went during the load shedding)


4 medium sized mackeral
One onion thinly sliced.
1 large Potato peeled and cut into 1/2 inch cubes.
Asafoetida ( heeng) and Methi ( fenugreek)
Powdered Coriander, Cumin, red Chilli.
Ginger garlic paste. 2 Green slit.

That's all...

I mean that's all the ingredients that I used.

This couldn't get easier and simpler eh!
Bachelor Cooking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
somebody asked if tey could use sea fish instead of the Rohu...
This how I cook mackeral... so i guess you can cook Sea fish the same way.
You can use Tomatoes though. Add it later.. I mean its good if it is semi cooked.

I didn't use Tomatoes for this Mackeral, but I do use too sometimes.
This was my simpler and usual quick version...


You may make two shallow cuts on each side of the fish like I did so that masala goes in when you marinate, or you may do without the cuts so that Fish don't come apart.

Marinate anyway in a little turmeric, Jeera and dhania powder and salt. Keep for an hr.
Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry each side for about 3 minutes each. Leave aside.

In the same pan, preferably new oil 1 and half TBS.
Add half tsp methi, and a pinch of heeng.
Add the onions and Green Chili and fry till onions are golden brown.
Add the ginger garlic paste and saute for about a minute.
Add half a tsp of jeera and dhania powder.
Same amount of red chilli and Turmeric( a little less turmeric)
Add the potatoes, and mix well.

Cover and lower the heat.
Cook that way for 5 minutes, opening the lid from time to time to mix.
Add hot water and let shimmer.
Add the fish.
Add salt to taste.
Shimmer for 10 minutes in medium and it is done.

Try and tell me how it went.

My attempts or experiments at/with photography. Food photography!
Kept the hammer aside to see the effect.

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Curry Mela 12th

We have this load shedding here and there was no current till 10:30. And somehow my Broadband cable gets disconnected without power. (I have to speak to the vendor.) and so somehow i got late posting this weekend's curry mela, Curry mela 12th.
And yesterday It was late when I got home from work.
I didn't even go for my Friday night Beer.

So I woke up early, i mean I didn't go back to sleep when the house-maid came( and she comes quite early as she need to finish Before I start washing and dressing up for work), and started rounding up. And then when I was about 9 entries done, the current went off.. Gee.

But then I took that time to go to the market, to get some fresh mackerals and it is being cooked as I write this. I am not kidding. I started it anyway since there was no electricity and couldn't connnect to the internet. The smell is just right I tell ya..

And hey! This is not an april fool's joke.

Oh! So without further ado... here goes the 12th Curry mela at Anthony's Kitchen, The Bachelor Cooking blog. Let me start with the entries which were submitted by bloggers specially for this event.

PS: All Pictures here are copyrighted by respective bloggers. Noone shall copy without prior permission from the blog owners.

Check out this amazingly rich fruit plum cake.. I am loving it !! [ Special entry ]


Boondhi Ladoo, I always thought was Meethai Shop bought, but now I can prepare it, wow!. Thanks. [ Special entry ]


Spicy Indian Hummus with Grilled Greek Pita , Hummus with a desi touch-up. [ Special entry ]


Let me take the opportunity of the curry mela to introduce this new blogger on the block( to me) Ramya with this delectable vadai [ Special entry ]

This 30 minute meal will be a sure winner amongst bachelor cooks. [ Special entry ]


Parrupu Urundai Kulambu from a new Blogger.. [ Special entry ]


Vankaya Munagakaaya Kura is a curry made from Brinjal (egg plants) and drumsticks. [ Special entry ]

GENUINE Chettinad fish curry Cooked in Earthernware (Chettinadu Meen Kulambu in mannchatti).


Dal Kachoris (Deep-fried lentil-stuffed bread) , Oh! I miss Kolkata.


Spicy cauliflower curry, I cooked a similar dish recently, and I forgot to take pictures lol. But thanks to this blogger, I know how to cook it better next time..


Bottle gourd curry, when I cooked water gourd curry, it didn't came out this well.. This is real nice!!


Dinkache ladoo "This famous Maharashtrian sweet is made with 'dink', as it is known in Marathi or 'gaund'as it is known in Rajasthan, which is an edible gum, a resin from the axle-wood tree."- From the blogger.


Sandavai Idiyappam with Tomato Kurma, a nice and easy meal. Perfect for Bachelor Cooking, and hey this blogger is taking a small Blogging break. We will miss you meanwhile!!


This is the leek soup for weight loss ;-).. now who won't be intersted in a little weight loss after having the delicious meals laid out in the food blogosphere.


Kuih Bingka Ubi (Tapioca Cake) , exotic name, exotic cake. I loved it..


Strawberry streusel muffins, lots of muffins today eh!!


Pappu biyyam (Khichdi/ Lentil and Rice with potatoes), from a another blogger new to me. Well, you know how I love Khichdi, by now..


Banana muffins, a pleasant breakfast, well a very pleasant breakfast indeed. Blueberry muffins??

Another Banana nut muffins, we are raining Muffins eh!!


Chana dal payasam (sanaga pappu payasam). Gee! reminds me that today is payasam day forme.. I mean, I haven't had kheer for sometime now.


Kovakka Thoran , cooked for another event... but it was so amazing, I wanted to have it on my round up too,


Whole wheat pasta, ow... I forgot that I had bought a lot of pastas( different varieties in that) few weeks back and I haven't yet cooked none.


Beet Chop, potato chop, fish chop, meat chop; I love them all.


Polenta coated fish fillets, Am I glad this amazing blogger has started posting pictures alongside her amazing recipes.. Fish lover..head on..

Even though there were no pictures of the same, I couldn't pass this Kadhai murgh Afghani for the simple fact that this is one of my favorite dishes and the recipe was very articulate.

The Mackeral must be done by now.

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