Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Aloo Chole/ Kabuli Chana Aloo

I like it with the potatoes. But then I love potatoes with everything, specially with meat though. But I like it with Chole/kabuli Chana as well. BTW, Chole or Kabuli Chana is a slightly larger species of Chick Peas, Chole Bhatura, (or deep fried Indian Bread with Chole Masala, similar to this curry for Non Indians) is a very common favorite.
I have come to become fond of this particular chick pea species since a very long time. I am sure I had posted similar recipes earlier, but then I suddenly wanted to eat it today, so I had prepared it today, even before I changed after work.

Since I didn't plan it in the morning, and I was back not too early, I couldn't soak it overnight. So I had to boil the Chole in a pressure cooker. It took more than 15 whistles to cook it.
I didn't know when the chole must be cooked so i had to de-pressurise and check it about thrice. After the third whistle, I also added 2 potatoes largely cubed and 3 tomatoes thoroughly washed, whole, so that I can remove the skin. When chole was soft, I removed it and leave aside. Also peel the tomatoes, well remove the skin..

I heat 3 TBS of oil, in a Wok.
Added a Tbs of Mustard seed, 2 bayleaves and two red chillis ( preferably Kashmiri).
Also added two finely chopped green chilli.
Added a medium sized onion finely chopped, and when it was golden,
I added a TBS of ginger-garlic paste.
Sauteed a minute, and added:
Half a tsp Dhania Powder
Half a tsp Jeera Powder
Half a tsp Chilli Powder
Half a tsp haldi/turmeric Powder
Half a tsp meat masala Powder

Mix quickly and pour in the boiled Chole with the potatoes and Tomatoes.
Add salt to taste.
Shimmer for 5 minutes
Garnish with Coriander (Cilantro/dhania patte)!!!


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