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Easy Vegeterian Recipes and Fun Cooking!

I started this blog quite a while back. I can trace back the first post here. I blogged many recipes so far, gained me a few pounds from eating all those stuff that blogged. Most of the recipes were found to be interesting by quite a number of visitors. I do have a list of the recipes that I blogged on the side bar, but I will make it more easier by posting some of the good recipes blogged so far. Feel free to browse them, cook them and share how it come out if you happen to cook them :)

Let us start with some of the Vegetarian Recipes:

  • Paneer Mattar Masala curry
  • This was a simple paneer recipe that can never go wrong. Nothing fancy, just a good Paneer Curry. But the real winner in this recipe is How I prepared the paneer or cottage cheese from scratch. yes, you can quite easily make paneer at home.

  • Simple Palak Paneer
  • This is another Paneer recipe. A real easy palak paneer. Again, nothing fancy, and it doesn't really look like the palak paneer you get at restaurants. I have simplified this so that anyone one can cook it in less than half an hour. Enjoy!

    I also have some kick ass Halwa Recipes. Halwa is an Indian Sweet dish, that can be had as a dessert, or breakfast, or even a snack. Indians do love sweet snacks.

  • Gajjar ka Halwa
  • This is an easy way of making Gajjar ka Halwa. Gajjas or Carrot is grated and cooked in Milk and butter, with dried fruits to add that special thing.

  • Beet ka Halwa
  • Quite similar to the carrot halwa, but with Beet and this also taste just awesome.

  • White Peas Cooked with baking soda

  • Ootti ver 2.0
  • I actually blogged the above recipe twice. It is a Manipuri delicacy called "Ootti". A real wonning recipe that tastes awesome with rice or Khichdi, and even Puri.

  • Rice Kheer
  • This is something like Rice Porridge, again an Indian Sweet dish that is had as dessert or even breakfast. Rice cooked in milk and flavored with raisins and what not.

  • Peanut Palak Saag
  • This is a simple spinach or palak recipe. A unique combination of spinach and peanuts. I am sure you haven't had this before. Try it and tell me if you liked it.

  • Gobi Pakoda

  • This is a simple recipe of Cauliflower Fritters, cauliflower dipped in a spicy batter of gram flour and deep fried. Great as a beer snack or just something to snack on on a rainy afternoon.

    Similar fritters that I blogged:
  • Veg Pakoda

  • Potato Fritters

  • Excuse the prawn recipe in between the veg recipes. I blogged the recipe for both vegeterians and non vegeterians. Same batter, different dips!

  • Pakoda Kadhi
  • And curry made out of the fritters.

  • Gobi Manchurian
  • This is a faux Chinese recipe that is very popular in India. This is a vegeterian chicken manchurian, only with cauliflowers in place of the Chicken.

  • Chole Masala
  • Chole masala cooked in a very simple way. the recipe is very easy to follow. Don't write it down, just remember the steps and try it. Chole is type of chick peas white in color and bigger than the usual chick pea.

  • Mashed Potato
  • Who said Indians don't eat mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes are very popular in the eastern part of Indian, and is a very popular cuisine. Here is an easy recipe of the Indian mashed potato.

  • Easy Daal Recipes
  • Eating daals or boiled grams with every meal, daal can become quite a bore. But spice it up, and it is an awesome dish. Check out my daal recipes.

  • French Beans cooked with Coconuts
  • If you have been to Bangalore, you must have come across the French beans side dish that is cooked with grated coconut. Truth be told, that is the only way I like my beans, other the steamed beans served with steaks.

  • Sarson Da Saag
  • Now, what is this? Well, as a food blog, that mostly cooks Indian Recipes, passing over Sarsong ka saag would have been a sacrilege. Well, this is the famous Sarsong ka saag. I have simplified the recipe without diluting the flavour. You could call it stir fried mustard greens.

  • Aloo Karela
  • Bitter Gourd or karela as the name suggests is bitter, Kaput! Slow fry it with some onions and potatoes, and it becomes a very elegant bitter sweet side dish that is extremely healthy, trust me.

  • Loki Masala
  • I don't quite like the usual curry of loki or water gourd, but I have a simple recipe that I sometimes cook and I don't actually mind.

  • Veg Korma
  • A list of vegeterian recipes will be incomplete with the Vegetable Korma recipe eh! This is a mixed Vegeterian curry.

  • Coconutty Cabbage
  • This is a fry cooked cabbage recipe flavored with grated coconut. Quite light on the stomach!

  • Cabbage and peas
  • A quickie side dish you can cook in 10 minutes from peas and cabbage

  • Aloo Gobi
  • I love aloo gobi subzee, the dish made by slow cooking potatoes and cauliflower in vegetable oil. Try adding some chick peas, and you get a distinctly different Aloo Gobi.

  • Gobi Curry
  • One more cauliflower recipe!

  • Aloo Jeera
  • The ubiquitous Aloo Jeera, or potatoes fried with cumin seed. This is a real quickie dish that I can whip up in 10 minutes.

    Below is a list of Khichdi Recipes that I blogged:
  • Green Moong Khichdi
  • Many people tried and loved this actually!
  • Simple Khichdi recipe with ghee

  • Simple Khichdis that I cooked when I was sick.
  • Low fat, low spice!

  • Rajma Masala
  • Rajma Chawal is the favorite of most Indians, a comfort food, a food that many Indians living away from home misses the most. Chawal is easy, but you can also easily make a great Rajma Dish. Now don't put too much onions please. Half an onion fried till golden brown for a pound of Rajma.

  • Stuffed Capsicum
  • Have you not tried my stuffed capsicum yet? You will love it!

  • Capsicum Zhunka
  • Another capsicum recipe I learnt when in Mumbai. Great Maharashtrian recipe.
  • Veg Biryani
  • A simple and quick vegeterian Biryani!

  • Dum Aloo
  • A quick and simple Dum Aloo recipe.

  • Palak Daal
  • And this is another daal recipe. Toor daal with spinach!


    Monday, May 21, 2007

    Semi Dry Chicken Gravy Recipe

    Yummy looking isn't it. Taste real good with butter Chapatti.

    Look at the dart board, used as a back ground. Amateur Photography haha.
    Recipe will be updated soon.

    The Recipes:

    This is a Onion Based Gravy.
    4 medium sized onions for 1 kilo chicken.
    More onions and the dish will be sweetish. Go ahead if you want your chicken sweet :)

    For the garnish:

    Add 1 tsp Dhania Powder
    Add 1 tsp Jeera Powder.
    Add 1 tsp Chilli Powder.
    Add half tsp haldi Powder.
    Add 1 tsp garlic Crushed.
    Add 1 tsp ginger Crushed.
    Salt to taste.
    1 tsp vegetable Oil.
    Mix well and keep in fridge or outside for 2 hours.

    4 Onions finely chopped Keep Aside.

    Heat Oil in a Wok. I always cook my chicken in a Wok or Kadhai.
    The bottom of the cooking vessel has to be thick so that heat distributes evenly.

    I use about 3 TBS vegetable oil. Should be enough.
    A trick to cook in less oil. Only fry 1/3rd of the onions. Put the rest later.

    Crackle 1 tsp jeera and mustard seed in the oil.
    Add about one onions portion from the chopped onions and fry till golden brown.

    Add 5 green chillis sliced in halves.
    Fry for 30 seconds in medium heat.
    Add rest of the onions and fry for couple of minutes.
    Increase the heat.

    Add the chicken and Quickly mix.
    Let it mix well. Stir well, such that all the chicken pieces are turned.

    Cover the vessel and cook for 15 minutes in low heat.

    Now open the lid, and increase heat.
    Add 2 tomatoes finely chopped(Optional).
    Cook till most of all the juice from the curry have evaporated.
    Keep Stirring/mixing.
    Add 1 tsp of off-the-shelf Chicken masala.
    Cook for couple of minutes after you add masala.

    Garnish with coriander for better smell.
    I didn't.. Ran out of coriander :)
    Bachelor's kitchen you see!!

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    Thursday, April 19, 2007

    H1b Official Website Bomb

    I have posted this article on H1b official website on my other blog, and the post has made it to the Times of india here.

    When you search for the keyword H1b official website on google, you'd expect the pages of uscis, but no. Well at least before I made the post, the first result was of a hate site, called send [them] back dot org. After my post, a few links from other bloggers, now the google result page has pushed down the hate site fron the number one spot of google result page.

    But, it is still on page one. I want a few more links to push the result back to at least page two.
    I want my dear readers and fellow food bloggers to read the above post, and write a post titled H1b official website, with links to the genuine H1b sites below:

    make it fast.
    This hate site got into search result number one by getting link with H1b Official website as the anchor text. By linking to the other sites with the same text, we are going to ou\sh the hate site back inside the google result pages.

    Start Linking...

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    Thursday, March 08, 2007

    Happy Women's Day!!

    You don't need a special day to celebrate, but now that you have one why not take it :)

    And please visit blank Noise Project today for the Action Heroes.


    Monday, February 19, 2007

    Did you Vote for me YET!!

    If you are a new Visitor, please look at the side bar to browse through some Yummy and extremely easy recipes before deciding if you want to vote for me at the IndiBloggies Awards...

    But if you are an old visitor, please take out a few minutes to Vote for me at the Indibloggies Awards..
    Vote for me!

    Tomorrow is the last date Mind you, so Hurrry..

    You need to fill in your details and I guess you will get a confirmation link in the email.

    Don't worry about the Website or Blog URL field, That is not mandatory..
    Just give your name and Email, and VOTE..

    Vote for me!

    Hurry Up!!!

    Love you all :)

    Thursday, January 18, 2007

    How to make paneer, Homemade paneer!

    This a Part repost, part recap Blog post!

    How to make Paneer at home?
    Fresh Paneer that you can use to cook mouth watering dishes like Palak Paneer ,or the reason this post was made about a year back. Mattar Paneer, or Paneer with green peas.
    I started that post with the lines "The secret of making paneer unvieled!!!" And BTW, the layout for my new blog is almost ready.. Just a little tweaks here and there and we will be in our new distination soon. All fresh posts in there.. No importing of posts.. I just can't have the thought of deleting this blog. Some dishes I will cook again and repost even, for new readers who are too lazy to browze the archives..

    The picture above is of the paneer, prepared myself. Turned out quite easy. Otherwise it wouldn't have been posted on Bachelor Cooking!
    I had prepared it with inspiration from Atabela..

    This is quite simple, simple enough for green horn cooks.

    And it was indeed tastier than the Dairy manufactured Paneers that we buy.


    Boil Milk in a vessel.

    * I boiled 1 litre of milk for the purpose.. and The ball above is just about the size of a Cricket Ball, so if you want a bigger Ball, get two litres. I eat alone so It was enough for me.

    Boil Milk in low heat ( Low heat so that the milk don't spill, no use crying over spilt milk right?) Boil until about 1/4 or a quarter of the milk has evaporated has evaporated.

    When 3 quaters of the milk remain, squeeze some lime juice.

    OK put pre-squeezed lime juice. For 1 litre of milk, it took s table spoons of freshly squeezed juice to get all the milk solidify or coagulate. (For more milk use more lime).

    The milk will now start to coagulate. That is what we wanted. When you see that the solid and watyre has separated, remove the vessel from heat.

    Now lay a muslin cloth like the seen in the picture above over the mouth of another vessel, and pour the milk over it so that only the solid if caught in the cloth.

    gather up the sides of the cloth and hold it like a sack or purse.

    When you have gathered the sides on the top, hold tight and turn the solid below, so that the cloth tightens over the solid milk or paneer.

    (**Now, hot water will squirt from the mesh in the cloth and it will be really hot, so do the tightening under a running water tap.)

    Hand the sack for sometime, and then Open..

    If you want to cook it, you make cut them into cubes as below.

    Deep fry the paneer cubes slowly and slightly till the color below. It makes for much better mattar paneer, paneer Masala or any paneer dish.

    Fry just till this brown.. Is it golden brown?

    Saturday, December 30, 2006

    Bachelor Cooking Now Number one on Google for Bachelor Cooking

    This Blog, Bachelor Cooking was never number on the google search result, when you do a search for bachelor cooking on google. It was alway Jeremy Zawodny, since he had once mentioned the term Bachelor Cooking on his Much Linked Blog. It has been like this since i started my blog, but after a few tweaking with anchor words, I just saw today that a search for the word Bachelor Cooking returns my Blog. And not only that, but my new blog on wordpress is number. Once I start writing that blog, We will have that one the number one Position... Hopefully.

    On my not updating my Blog... I didn't have net connection at home for the past 2 months. My office computer is hardened, ie, all the USB ports are not accessible, so I thought I had take a break.

    Also Now I want to post all recipes only in the new blog, whose design will be ready by first week january hopefully, as promised by a very dear blogger friend who is designing it for me.
    This Blog will not die... Just keep it in your blogrolling as is..

    I will Host the Curry Mela on this blog only, when I do resume the curry mela... As such, this blog had become more curry mela than my recipes. The new blog will be a Pure Recipes and Tips Blog. I will let the old posts remain here only.. I tried to import to the new blog, but the images gets warped.. so I'd rather post new recipes.. maybe I will repost some selected posts from here. But I have Huge list of recipes I will be Cooking up this Comming Year.

    Keep Coming Back..

    Wishing you and your family a very happy New Year 2007..
    Here are some pork recipes for the white meat lovers.

    Here are some easy ways cook baked pork chops even though I love Pork loin roasts the most among all Pork roast recipes but I also can cook some real mouth watering Pork Roast with spices and lime.

    One more thing I love about this white meat is that we can whip up real nice recipes using the previous meals' left over to cook this awesome Leftover pork recipes like this Pork Hash for breakfast that I love bit this Pork Burrito is my personal favorite. Elise also prepares some nice Pulled Pork Sandwich.

    And also try these Shredded pork recipes which goes really well with bread.

    Monday, December 25, 2006

    Merry Christmas Dear Friends and Readers!

    A very Merry Christmas to you all!! have a wonderful Chirstmas.

    Monday, December 11, 2006

    My Friend is vety confused! Who should he Follow!

    One of my colleagues posted on our Bulletin Board!

    Oops, which one shall I follow ??

    Laziness is the worst enemy of humans. . .
    - Jawaharlal Nehru.

    Humans should learn to love even their worst enemies...!!!
    - Mahatma Gandhi

    Help me out with this.....

    Just for laughs!!
    My Home Net connection starts today evening!
    Had to shift twice so I had been erratic!!
    My new blog's desugn has also been pending!
    Shall get it done before the week is over!!

    Thursday, November 23, 2006

    Happy Thanksgiving to All my Readers

    Turkey, ThanksGiving
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Thanksgiving is an American Holiday, and was believed to have been first celebrated at the Plimoth Plantation. Even to this day, the Thanksgiving celebration is enacted at the Plantation. I went there in the summer, but I have other plans this thanksgiving, so, much as I wanted to visit the Plimoth Plantation this thanksgiving I will give it a pass..
    Check out some of these thanksgiving quotes meanwhile!