Saturday, June 03, 2006

Curry Mela-20th Week

Welcome dear friends, to the The curry mela - 20th week or hey, 20th edition is a better name huh!.

Blogger was acting little strange today, I couldn't post etc etc, But I thought I will post whatever wasready till now, because I have struggling for the past 3 hours to figure out what the problem is. Today's edition is short and sweet, but I will try to update it till late today.

I was going to start with a delectable picture of this Mooli and Dhania Paratha but the picture won't load, the blogger picture uplaod thingie is going a little crazy.

Ha! I got it.. Updated.. lol. The pic is there.





This is an entry I overlooked, earlier in the day. Well, as I said, I will keep updating. But, my sincere apologies....Do check out this Kappa/Cheeni/Tapioca with Fish Curry, it is a delicious spread and Yummilicious.



Plantain Boiled or Steamed (Nenthrakka / Pazham puzhungiyathu) , too good! I am a little biased towards health food, but I can't help it. lol.



Purslane Dal /Peddapavila Aaaku Pappu, some healthy stuff, the picture of which also I couldn't post. I will update it later today. [Updated]


Roasted Potatoes with herbs. Much tasty, I say.


Prawns pattie looking very yummy. Would go real well with tea in this Mumbai rains.


Baby potato curry. Looks very yummy and looks like dum aloo too... I will do repost when I have cooked this myself lol.


Barbecued shrimp, Have I even mentioned how I love barbeques, and how I will never forget the new year eve of 2005 when I organised an indoor barbeque with a Barbeque grill set-up on the balcony. It was amazing, scoth and wine and beer and everything free flowing. Lots of beautiful people, me singing "love is all around" and cooking....


Masala idli made with grated carrots and seasoneded with Indian Masala. Yumm. Idli tastes good not because it is bland, but because it is idli, so imagine how tastier it would be when seasoned with masala....


Spicy and Tangy Grilled Chicken. Like lime sqeezed over a leg of chinken Tandoori.


Chikudukaaya Veppudu or Fried Indian Broad bean Fried. Looks very yummy, a nice comfort food. And quite easy too.



I was pleasantly surprised to that I am not the only one who loves scrambled or minched fish, check this meen puttu scrambled fish curry out. I assure you this will beat any fish curry you have tasted till date. Also, Check out my Minched Fish Curry Recipe, a Manipuri Delicacy here.


Check out this Chicken Curry cooked with dates, isn't that new and great. A must try, again.


Fried Taro Roots! But hey what is a Taro root, asked a reader? And she explains, "This is Chamagadda Fry , also known as chamadumpalu in telugu,in hindi as arvi, in kannada as keshavanagadde, shamegadde, in malayalam as cempu, chempakizhanna, kaladi and in tamil sempu, shamakkilangu, shemakkalenga, cempu, chembu, shana dumpa, seppan kizhangu, kattusenai, shanadumpa, cempu."


Another Fried Recipe :-) Fried Okra, BTW, have you tried steamed Okra. with a very little salt, I always take it as a side dish almost everyday, like a salad. Provides much required roughage for the digestive tract. A must for bachelor's living outside.

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Blogger Sumitha said...

Hi Anthony had send you a mail with a link to a dish for curry mela,but it didnt feature here!Was it due to the blogger problem or didnt the mail reach you? I am confused!

6/03/2006 08:01:00 PM  
Blogger Sumitha said...

Hi Anthony,thanks for adding!Hosting a food event every week is a tough thing.Thats why most of us shy away from hosting such events.I appreciate your efforts.
Since this was my first entry,I was just wondering if I made a mistake somewhere in posting.Thats all
Thanks Anthony

6/03/2006 10:06:00 PM  
Blogger indianadoc said...

thanx buddy for including my dish...I should say that u'r curry mela is definitely increasing the traffic ...Yeah,the blogger was really acting quite strange and I was confused whether it was anything to do with my system alone...Hmm...I'm off to try your new entries!

6/04/2006 06:26:00 PM  
Blogger sudhav said...

Hi Anthony, thanks a lot for including my post for the curry mela..Nice presentation.Thank you once again..

6/04/2006 08:14:00 PM  

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