Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hang Them!!!

Hang them all.
Better lynch them.

They were so obviously high with power that they shot a lady who happened to protest what?
Who protested when they eve teased!!! Yes eve teased, and eve teasing her daughter in law.
Meher Bhargava was shot, who later succumbed to the bullet wound, because she objected when some young men were eve teasing, her daughter in law.

A vivacious socialite, Bhargava had dared local goons who passed lewd remarks at her young daughter-in-law in the compound of a residential apartment, a stone's throw from the office-cum-residence of the district police chief. [ link ]

And she got shot!
Why shouldn’t they get shot in return?
This are the times when I think death penalty or torture are justified.

Men have become too civilized, I mean us, not them or have we become cowards?
I still remember when my Uncles ( My father elder bro and a younger one) once beat up a couple of guys, one of then a Minister Brat, at the gate of our house because they were passing lewd remarks at the neighbor’s young daughters. They were beaten black and blue and let go when they started running and shouted back that they will shoot my uncle. Well, it was their mistake. They were chased and beaten again, and had to be hospitalized for a long time. It was during a Kaang or Rath Jatra

My grandpa gave verbal thrashing for a few days to my uncles, because he had spent money on the hospital expenses and had to face the Parents of the Kids.

Another of my younger uncles commented that the uncles who actually beat the guys up had grown up in hard times and that we were still not quite uncivilized, like the Wild West. Justice was taken into one’s own hands to soon.

But I think we have become too civilized. Maybe it is a rant, and unrealistic, but the best solution for such crimes that strike at the heart of a social set-up, of civilization, is to adopt what my uncle called uncivilized means.

I don’t know what our justice system will offer them in the form of punishment.
Will the punishment deter future goons from repeating the same crime?
If not, then there is no point even wasting valuable court time and resources.
The justice system and the government is not in the business of taking revenge, but the punishment should be so harsh that such crimes are not repeated.

The sentence should serve as a deterrent to future power kids from misusing their Power.
I don't like the sound of the MLA's though.

The culprits should be Punished, otherwise Meher Bhargava would have died in vain.
Nobody will dare ever raise a voice against any injustice, if voices could be silenced so easily.

Desipundit is spearheading a campaign for justice.
Do join in.
Blog about it.
Lets do our bit.


Blogger Luv2cook said...

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3/29/2006 03:44:00 AM  
Blogger Luv2cook said...


You are right. I sometimes believe in the non-Gandhian, eye-for-an-eye rule in such scenarios. I think any one can predict what will happend to those people who actually shot her to death. At the most, our Indian court system (if at all) will give them a few years in jail. And that is about it. Something should be done so it stops other people from doing it too.

This reminds of me of an incident I was following a couple of years ago where an apartment security guard in Delhi or around there somewhere (not so sure about the area) raped and killed a 13/14 year old girl who was alone after school in her apartment and then when he was brought to justice, a LOT, I mean A LOT of people were oppsing the death sentence for the guy. I couldn't believe people wer e supporing the rapist and the killer. Now, you have got me goin..sorry about the long comment...

3/29/2006 03:45:00 AM  
Anonymous mehak said...

yeah at such times death penalty is justified.
but then what worries me is that these days every other Minister son/relative rich spoil brats are involved in such cases....y.y.y...
I appreciate media's coverage and support in Bhargava's,Jessica's case..also Mattoo rape n murder case...

3/29/2006 08:42:00 AM  
Anonymous tony said...

@ Luv2cook: that was in kolkata, and some people actually supported the accused..

Mehak: Oh yeah! but if the media would cover all other victims without prejudice to who the victim or the accused is?

3/29/2006 09:35:00 AM  
Blogger spicehut said...

Whats the difference between hang & lynch ? I agree with you, either way.

I have seen on the news & heard from friends some really disgusting stories about how women are treated in the North....Delhi, Kanpur, UP etc....not to mention dangerous places like Bihar !

Its just shocking. DOnt these men/boys have female members in their house ? How would they feel if they are treated like that. Have they no basic decency in them ? To do a crime & so arrogantly do away with the person who protests or stops them is just shamelessness & lawlessness of the highest order. Mindboggling.

I feel lucky to have been born & brought up in Maharashtra!

3/31/2006 11:09:00 PM  

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