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Curry Mela 10th

Welcome back dear all, to the 10th curry mela at the Anthony's Bachelor Cooking.
Extremely sorry for the late post, but I fell victim to over usage or rather heavy downloads of torrent files lol. In India, even though we are quite advanced in Software, and write some cutting edge software codes, our broadband is not yet too broad, and there is a download limit, except bwteen 10 pm to 8 pm. as it so happened, i forgot to close bit comet the other day and 10 days have been deducted from my account which means, my account got expired yesterday when i most needed it for the curry mela. A phone call later, i was told it would be renewed by afternoon today.

So I rushed to a cyber cafe, for I didn't want my curry mela to take a break. BTW, I won't be hosting the curry meal on 3rd saturdays. I have some engagements on every third saturdays, so this is an announcement in advance. Do submit your entries for the 11th curry mela to be held two weeks from now.

I am glad that I have some entries this weekend too, the first few recipes are specially cooked for the curry mela... Hope you will enjoy's this week's spread too. Enjoy

I have with me,

Mini Tropical Oreo Cheesecakes with Kiwi Jam topping on St. Patrick's day, an entry to the curry mela.

Look at those Spinach Cheese parathas, can I have them all... And that office caterer make such awful Parathas. Ummm I would love to have these, all of 'em. Greedy me.


Chicken soup with vegetables, healthiest food today. Protiens from the chicken, fibres and vitamins from the vegetables...


Besan Cheela; The vegetarian omelette ( Is it the right link? I tripple checked it lol) I would love to try this out.. tomorrow at lunch?? or breakfast??

A very delectable stuffed stuff.... lol, stuffed chilli pepper, and the picture looks so yummy, and notice that perfect dal on the side....well centre?


Roses on raita gets my vote as the most beautiful recipe. A very new foodblogger who have so painstakingly described the making of the rose...


Kesari Gosht (Mutton/Lamb in a Saffron-flavoured Sauce) ; Wow, How I love goshts.. and with he avain flu this side of the continent... What better dish than goshts.. I have to try out this Kesari flavored Goshts..

Simple Pulao; And we love simple dishes at the Anthony's Bachelor Cooking. Aad believe me she cooks real simple and amazing dishes.. ;-)


Carrot and peanuts salad; This is Good for health says the blogger, and so do I...Tastes real good too. Believe me, my boss bring salads tossed in ground peanuts everyday, and Its amazing. everyone fights for it..

Wow, another green peas samosa( There was one in some curry mela few weeks back).. I am beginning to get so hungry.... I haven't even had breakfast, Yummmm


Check out this amazing Flan.. The picture says it all. Wish I could cook that as lovely as it...


Methi or fenugreek Chutney; A real healthy and tasty concoction. And this interesting warning by the blogger herself.. "Methi chutney is completely an acquired taste. Sauteed methi and sesame combined with other ingredients, taste little bit bitter, sour and spicy. If you are going to prepare it from my recipe, first check the list of ingredients, imagine the taste, see if you like the combination, then attempt it. Please don’t nag me if it doesn’t turn out to your expectations, in a typical mother-in-law fashion. Some people would say that I didn’t add this, I didn’t do that, or I didn’t cook their way etc., I might have accepted these if I were their daughter-in-law, but I am not ."

Sea Crab Curry; Wow! and I just asked the fish monger, well the lady fish seller how to cook Crabs. She wasn't too convincing since she couldn't find the right hindi words for many things, and thank god I got this amazing crab recipe. The recipe will have been up by the time I am posting it..

Bitter Gourd Rice; There is something about bitter vegetables, when cooked in oil and mixed with a little masala, gives out an amazing bitter yet mysterious taste which I can't fathom but I love nonetheless. Anyone tasted bitter sweet chutney. There is an authemtic Manipuri Chutney made from some leave ( not neem) and sweet syrup... Amazing stuff, very bitter, very sweet.

Breaking a rule, I will name this Blog, who have cooked this amazing Mesclun salad with goat cheese medallions , for it was the Green Jack fruit's birthday this week. Happy Blog birthday Mika.

I have tried baigan bharta, I have tried Baigan Aloo bhaji (Fry- cooked in oil), but this Kathirikkai sadham (curried brinjal/aubergine/eggplant rice) is new to me. A must try at Anthony's kitchen..

Another breakfast delight, this delectable Moong dal chilla(Split green gram pancakes made from yellow moong dal, hey! I like Haldiram's freid moong dal). A heavy brunch, but I could still have lunch with all the amazing arrays of recipes I have here, even if I had all those chillas.

Only trust this blogger to post something as amamzing as a Fruit smoothie in a food blog. Visit the archives to find some amazing stuff like baked stuffed apple and sorts.. Bachelors would find it hard to prepare them though.. But then the recipes' been described amazingly simply.


Amazing Meat Kofta Curry on the occasion of Holi and a beautiful post with the recipe. A must read...

Hope you enjoyed my Spread. Have a great weekend. I am

I have organised my Recipes in a proper menu on the Side Bar. Feel free to browse.

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Anonymous mehak said...

first !!!

3/18/2006 05:56:00 PM  
Anonymous mehak said...

ok now lemme chk carrot peanut salad n fruit smoothie

3/18/2006 05:57:00 PM  
Blogger spicehut said...

Thanks for hosting & for the yummy roundup & for including my recipe :)

3/18/2006 08:15:00 PM  
Blogger Ashwini said...

I didnt think with Kay's entry I'd be included. Thanks for that Tony. And as usual thanks for doing the work for us :-)

3/18/2006 11:02:00 PM  
Blogger Mika said...

Aww, you are a sweetie! Thanks Anthony for your wishes and for including me in Curry mela.

3/18/2006 11:21:00 PM  
Anonymous tony said...

@Mehak: Thank you... for being first too..

@ Spicehut: My pleasure; Do keep participating

@Ashwini: why did u think so ;-) lol

@ Mika: My pleasure again.. U had some amazing stuff this week. Found it hard to choose

3/18/2006 11:59:00 PM  
Blogger Kay said...

The link is perfect! :) LOL Thanks Tony, for the nice currymela!

3/19/2006 03:55:00 AM  
Anonymous Indira said...

Glad you could do the roundup in time, Tony. and thanks for including my post. That quote you included was written in a fun way, because some commentators are nagging me that I was not making recipes like thier mothers. :)
I also posted the laugh sign to indicate the fun nature of my comment, but you skipped that and made my comment as if it came from an angry MIL.:), not fair.:)

3/19/2006 07:59:00 AM  
Blogger Annita said...

Hi Tony,
Thanks for including my recipe..this is the first time i'm seeing my recipe in such cooking feast..And your choices are really amazing..I'm a bit confused what to try out first...:))

3/19/2006 09:42:00 AM  
Blogger Sury said...

As always, an amazing spread of dishes. I feel so humbled to have even featured in such magnificent company. I not only discovered some mind-blowing new recipes, but also some spectacular new blogs.

And special kudos to you for taking such pains to post the Curry Mela. You rock :)

3/19/2006 11:15:00 AM  
Blogger Anthony said...

@ Kay: lol i had to recheck it so many times..hehe i am glad it came ok. love your recipes though.. very very much

@ Indira: It was a pleasure indeed... need to take photography lessons from you...

OH, left that smiley out deliberately lol... to make it more intersting.. they would have to come to read it anyway lolzz... BTW you sound much like a mother than MILs.. My mom had a ummmtypical MIL so I am not very fond of MILs..whoever makes my mom sad GRRRR hahaha..the good son..

@ Annita: I can understand.. even i get confused.. earlier i used to include non-desi recipes too and there are no rules but only the small desi food blogging community has such an amazing recipes that i get confused...

@ Sury, you sare being so modest.. lol.. thas why i have decided not to mention that readers aren't biased... And hey thanks... Do I rock!!

3/19/2006 11:52:00 AM  
Blogger Kitchenmate said...

You definitely rock Tony, impressive spread again. Looking forward to your upcoming Curry Mela. Thanks again for my inclusion Tony.

3/20/2006 08:21:00 AM  
Blogger Jessica said...

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3/26/2006 01:22:00 AM  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

I'm glad you like Haldiram's Moong Dal :-). I'm sure your readers would appreciate hearing that Haldiram's products are available online at our site:

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feel free to send me an email, i'd love to chat!


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