Thursday, August 10, 2006

Onion Zhunkas or is it Kanda Zunka?

Zunka or Zhunka
Call it by any name, this is one seemingly simple but very tasty Maharashtrian dish. And if you are not from Maharashtra, I am sure you haven't tasted it. Oh! Why did i write seemingly simple, well it is not as simple as it sound, though it is prepared with the least of ingredients and is very quick to cook. And, how I love Quickies!!
It takes some experience to cook the perfect Zhunka, I guess. When that colleague told me the recipe, I thought i could do it in a ziffy, the first attempt ended in a semi burnt Zhunka, the second in a semi cooked one. This was almost perfect, but then I added crushed peanuts, and it soaked up all the oil. This was tastty nevertheless.

Oh! But other Zhunkas like Capsicum Zhunka, Tindla Zhunkas that I had blogged earlier are much easier to prepare. Somehow they turned out perfect in the first try, but not this authentic onion Zhunka.

3-4 Onions finely Chopped.
1 tbs Mustard seed
Vegetable Oil
Besan or Chick Pea Flour


Heat 2 TBS of oil in a pan.
Sputter some mustard seeds and Add the onions.
Fry till onions start to get limp.
Add Oil, lower heat to minimum and add 2 cups of Besan.

Now this is the difficult part.
You have to sprinkle the besan slowly and keep stirring/sauteing.
Otherwise the besan will form small lumps, which is not advisable.
HEY!!! I guess a Sieve would be great Idea.
Now you have to keep stirring till the besan won't smell raw.
it should take about 5 minutes of continuous before the zhunka can be served.
Little Water can be sprinkled while sauteing.

I added crushed peanut.
Don't add.
It is better without than with :-)

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