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CulinLinkus 2- Weekend Culinary Links

Let me start this week's Culinary Links by introducing you to Tofu. A friend once argued with me that Tofu is Paneer, and since I didn't feel like arguing then, I let him believe that he was right. But, I am not surprised that many people still think that Tofu is indeed a supermarket name for Paneer, especially Bachelors who started cooking in their bachelor pads after starting to work or staying away from home for Work. Well what better way to introduce you than this excellent dish by Verdant. Pomphret is one of the tastiest fish, and I could eat a shipload and when it is cooked by VKN... I could eat 2. not to forget this eggy treat from Tina.

But trust ammani of Chaipani for such an excellent dessert as the Baked-stuffed-Apple. The Bachelor can't even dare try his hand at such a delicate dish.. And how could I have left out my favorite dish of Karela from indian food rocks!! And If only I could cook Pasta as well as Lera have prepared this excellent pasta with Tomato and herbs. And, is there anyone who still don't know the one love I share with Meena of Hooked on heat.. Yes, It is Green Peas... And yet again, she has posted one of my all time favorites again, Peas Pulao, not to mention her new Template.

And Lulu, those fruits looked absolutely Aphrodisiacal. And I am absolutely going to try this Kadhai Paneer by Sailu, and I will try with my home made paneer No less... But, one thing today that made me very nostalgic is this cauliflower paratha By Summi, no no, I am not reminiscing home and all, just remembered that Paratha joint in Bangalore.. What was the name?? That one near commercial street..... Me and my memory huhhhhh!

Oh! Gini has moved to Wordpress BTW. And the way route 79 have cooked this Lamb Hotpot Thai style, and the detailed description.. I wanted to cook it right away.. Garam masala's home made Vick vaporub will be helpful to a many with the cold and all..Reminds me of my grand ma lol... Now, Where was this bong chef hiding for all the time...Anyesha have cooked up an excellent chicken- fennel soup and how could the culinlinkus be complete without a soup.. And Kay's Mirchi Bhaji would taste great with Chapatti. Marathi Mirchi Bhaji, no wonder it looked very familiar, I have seen such-likes in our canteen when my colleagues open their home cooked dabbas( not the dabba). Oh, and Priya's Meethi Puri also look very Western( western India).. And when we are linking Western dish, how could I forget this Bhakri Jowar roti fropm the Cooks cottage. And explained in a very detailed step-by-step manner. And ah, when speaking about Maharastra, how could one not talk about Nupur who blogs about A- of food, literally. Check out her S series, I have The sheera she had blogged almost everyday at the company mess coz thats the only desert I love, and of course I love the suterfeni from the parsi sweet shops. I once confused this Nupur with this Nupur.

Going down south, I love this south Indian stew from Shyamala's food in the main. Veg stew are very healthy and is a part of everyday diet or staple food in Manipur. Shall post one in a day or two, we make veg stew with Smoked fish and taste simple and amazing... Rums also makes very nice quick recipes, which would again be excellent or bachelor cooks. Try this Fish curry for instance.. And Sury, that Peetha looks amazing I tell you, Nice way to celebrate harvesting eh!! And Mika's Pumpkin Curry Looks WOW!!! I also cook some good Pumpkin, will post some time soon!!!! And Indira aka Mahanandi can cook up such simple meals that looks like it will leap out of the blog.... This mix veg, I am sure you all have seen... She does have a love for Ridged Gourd I say....

And for Links from the world, let me start with a meat-free soup from Joe, and moving on to this Israeli food blogger whose cakes I couldn't resist....ummm, ogling at. And J from singapore which is just a hop away, cooks up some excellent Italian fare..And since I started out with Tofu, I was thoroughly but pleasantly surprised to find this post on Tofu at In praise of Sardines.

Its been a long time since I had had orange jam, which was my favorite jam as a kid, and this recipe of seville-orange-jam at yogurtland brought back fond memories. But of course, as soon as I saw this low carb Pizza at Kalyn's, the memory was overwritten.. And the recipe was inspired by none other than some one who shares my name. Hi Tony! Nice to meet you!! Such a nice coincidence that we have similar blog names too...

Wait one quick quiz!!
Who makes the world's best crumbs.
Of course! The bakerina.

Didn't I tell that I cooked Rice pudding/porridge, we call it Kheer in the morning!! and another pleasant surprise awaits, Zenfoodism have posted a delicious looking wheat and dry fruit porridge. And definitely try this yellow turnip's recipe at Stephencook. what he calls buttered Rutaba..And at Jugaimo's I stumbled into A japanese bamboo Shoot dish and bamboo shoot is a delicacy of Manipur too...

Another blog I love is BecksPoshNosh, the blog is just so pleasing to the eye, and this Homemade Mayonnaise and Devilled Eggs looks awesome. How about this Polar Bread, and this Hungarian Walnut Bars from my little kitchen. Haverchuck's Schmaltz is making me hungry,,,Phew... Linking takes a lot of effort... took me almost two hours..

Enjoy blog hopping
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Blogger Nupur said...

Thanks for the link! What a great round-up of recipes you have here!

1/22/2006 04:46:00 AM  
Blogger Lulu said...

hi anthony,
great round up! it's always nice to discover new food bloggers.
look forward to staying in touch through the blog world.

1/22/2006 04:45:00 PM  
Blogger Sury said...

Well to tell you the truth, it takes quite a bit of time to read and virtually devour that roundup as well. lol. Great job done, Anthony and thanks for linking the pithey. After reading this post I am postively hungry and must start dinnering!

The blogger's image on the right looks cute too :)

1/22/2006 09:35:00 PM  
Anonymous Indira said...

Kudos to your patience, Anthony!
Quite a roundup and thanks for including my post. Yes, I like ridge gourd. Scarcity where I live, make it that much more precious to me.
You should start an event or something(you have the enthusiasm and time, it seems),for all of us foodies to participate.:)

1/23/2006 04:15:00 AM  
Blogger gini said...

Man..what an awesome job. That is the longest list of links in one my post that I have seen so far. You must be patient!

1/23/2006 06:59:00 AM  
Blogger Anthony said...

@ Nupur: It was quite an effort indeed. After a hard weeks work, It really was also nice for me to traverse the food blogging world.. i am just bringing you where I have been to..

@ Lulu: It would be a pleasure. DO keep dropping by.

@ Sury: the Pithey looked GR8.. and it was my pleasure.. Now, what blogger?lol!

@ Indira: I do have the Enthusiasm and patience.. I could have gone on and on if it wasn't a saturday night and the night wasn't beckoning. About Time, phew!! If only I had morer time lol, but I have decided to invest at least 2 hours every weekend for this event and i would appreciate it if you could send me links to Posts that you came across..
The Culinlinkus will be on forever.....

@ Gini: Thanks, actually, whenever I feel stressed and feel like blog hopping, I could do it for hours on a stretch... I just linked them as I blog hop..

1/23/2006 09:57:00 AM  
Blogger ammani said...

Thanks for the link. The dessert couldn't be easier to make. Give it a go and let me know. Great work, btw!

1/23/2006 04:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Indira said...

Well, thanks for the effort!
'Culinlinkus' is going to be a one stop shop for me from now on, both for recipes and links.

About sending links, I'm not sure what catches your fancy, so I'm going to leave that to you only.

1/23/2006 08:16:00 PM  
Blogger Anthony said...

@Ammani, maybe i will try on republic day.

@ Indira: my pleasure, anyway I have started noting down recipes whenever i come across a nice one..

1/23/2006 08:25:00 PM  

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