Monday, November 07, 2005

Thai Salad

This is a copy-paste job from my old Blog from where I have moved here.

I call this Thai salad because the person who first taught me how to cook this simple meal said it was called Thai salad. He couldn't have been wrong he had a Thai Girl Friend.

Ingredients: ( I don't measure, as always, measure with your judgement)-
Tomatoes- cut to cubes.. cut twice vertically to get 4 slice and then cut again horizontal to get 8 squarish pieces. OK 2 tomatoes( i am measuring this once)

Two Onions cut the same way as the Tomatoes
Two carrots. Scrap the Skin, cut into two inches long fingers and then make into 4 equal slices cuting vertically
Two cucumbers- peeled and cut the same way as the Carrots
Some green chillies, sliced into halves
3 Eggs
Soya sauce, red chilli powder, and some Sunflower oil

Break the eggs and whip them with salt and pepper to taste.
Pour about a tablespoon of oil into a nonstick deep bottom frying pan.
Pour in the eggs and scramble it mildly.
When the eggs are half done, out them in one side of the pan using the spoon.
Or you may remove into a plate, i don't.

Slightly bend/turn the pan so that oil flows to the empty side,
put the onions and then follow with the rest of the salad.
Mix with the Spoon without mixing with the eggs. Its possible. Keep to ur side of the pan.
Pour a table spoon of soya sauce into the veg mixture.
Add little red chilli powder and salt to taste.
Saute well for about a minute and then mix with the eggs .
Mix and slightly fry for a few minutes.
I say 2-3 minutes, the veg shouldn't be cooked.Jjust let the soya sauce mix.

Remove and eat with a Fork.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It not really thai food..that u call Thai sallad,

11/29/2005 01:01:00 AM  

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