Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Easy Base

Copy Pasted from earlier Blog but it is Important:

All my concoctions are based on my basic funda or tenet of cooking. Don't assume that all my dish will taste the same. I have come to the conclusion after much experimentation, no cookbook recipes, that base can be the same for most dishes. A little more or less of the ingredients makes the difference. You will of course need some Hit and Trial but your food will seldom go bad if you follow what I have to say. My Basic Funda… My base for basic cooking…. For Bachelors.Don't let the masala kill the taste of the food you are cooking. The taste should be of the Pumpkin, the gourd, the cauliflower, the Chicken, the peas and not the Masala. The base of Mix Veg and Veg kolhapuri and the base of Kadhai Paneer don't taste much different in many of the PURE-VEG restaurants. Even if the Base is similar, a good cook brings out the taste, the uniqueness of each Dish.I will give the same Masala but my Chole dish and My Kaala Moong dish will taste so different and so good, you will be surprised, and thank me. All my base will go similar.Finely chop Onions. It can be chopped two ways.
- Chop top down so that they are Matchstick Thin and as long as the height of the onion. It may also be chopped again horizontally to get finely chopped small pieces. But for
finely chopped onions you need not make the Onions Matchstick Thin.
For most of my dish, just the chopping top down will do.Ginger-Garlic- Very Finely Chopped for chicken dishes.
Crushed to a paste for other Meat and vegetable Dishes. Use a Coarser in
the mixer-grinder and don’t grind it to a thin paste. Let it be a little coarse.
Mix in a small bowl, Turmeric, chilli powder, Dhania and Jeera powder. Add water and make a medium thick paste. Just thin enough that it could be poured from the bowl.First Fry Onions( finely chopped ) till slight brown.Add Ginger Garlic Paste or Finely ChoppedFry till onions are Golden Brown and add the masala mix.
Let it fry in small flame till oil separates from the mixture.. You may now add prawns or chicken or what not and start cooking


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